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The IH Horse Psychology Online course is designed to be of interest to horse men and woman of abilities. It is taught by the fantastically experienced Kelly Marks herself all from the comfort of your own home! Join other members of the IH community to discover some of ways in which the mind of a horse works and how these can be utilised in training.

The course includes eight one hour taught sessions held on eight consecutive Tuesday evenings from 8:00pm – 9:00pm followed by a weekly Q&A, additional optional work tasks to be done in your own time with class feedback and induvial email support. Recordings will be available for students to watch for 7 days after each session.

The Syllabus:

  • Week 1 – Pros and Cons of using food in training
  • Week 2 – Recognising when it’s Pain not Brain
  • Week 3 – An introduction to Behaviourism
  • Week 4 – Finalising Behaviourism
  • Week 5 – The Senses
  • Week 6 – The Problem Solving Procedure
  • Week 7 – How do we teach horses to be Bad? (and how can we unravel this?)
  • Week 8 – Solving a Real Life Problem and any final questions.


This course also counts towards taking your IH Diploma AND your Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate.

Contact to discuss any of the courses – or how to use Zoom if you’re unfamiliar with it!

12 reviews for Horse Psychology – Online Course

  1. Louise

    Dear Kelly, Sandra & Sharron,Thank you all for the Horse Psychology online course, probably the best course I have ever done. Being online it was so good, especially for some of us who would have found it difficult to travel to a venue. It’s so lovely to learn more about the horses we love, so we can understand them more, and care for them the very best we can. I have always wanted to join you all on a course and really enjoyed this one, you were all so kind and helpful. Hope to see you all again sometime. Very Best Wishes, Thanks again 🙂

  2. Claudia

    The Horse Psychology Online course is amazing! Not only is it a fantastic way of learning from the comfort of your own home, I have learnt more about horse psychology in the last 8 weeks than I did from attending Equine college for 4 years! Just by changing my way of thinking, I have learnt a great deal about myself as well as the impact of what my actions have on my pony. I feel my bond with my pony has changed massively as I am now able to apply my newly found knowledge and I cannot wait to attend more courses in the future to continue my journey. Thanks again.

  3. Juliet

    So sad it is the last one tonight! Thank you so much for the Course, it has been simply brilliant. Inspirational!!

  4. Nathalie – Turkey

    Thank you for the entertaining course last night. You made a complicated topic easy to digest 🙂 I especially enjoyed the coursework and the articles that you shared last week. All the research in the UK is fascinating!
    The real life examples were really helpful. I usually fall asleep early but the material kept me up and entertained until after midnight

  5. Vicky

    Hi Kelly and Sandra Hope you’re both well! I just wanted to say I’m really enjoying our Tuesday school nights doing the horse psychology course. I admire the way you’ve adapted it from a classroom based format to online without losing the personal element, and it remains super educational and informative and something to look forward to each week!

  6. Elisa

    Dear Kelly

    Thank you very much for a very in depth, informative course that really got my brain cells working overtime, I will think of issues with an open mind and I know so much more about how the horse perceives our actions, now to put it into practice!
    Thank you

  7. Amy-Dee

    Hi Kelly

    Just wanted to say many thanks for the last 8 weeks. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot of detective skills, looking at the steps in assessing horses’ behaviour to work out why they do things. The week about “How would I get my horse to [kick/bite/nap/bolt etc]” was really useful in starting with the ‘problem’ and working backwards, to understand the reasons behind a horse behaving in that way.

  8. Katie-Lee

    I must say I loved the course and have put so much of the teachings into action and daily life. The last 2 weeks of webinars too with Claire and Ian, I have learnt so much. Thank you and much love

  9. Christine

    Hello Kelly
    Just again to thank you for the interesting course … with new vocabulary too! I have to say when I say to people ‘neophobic’ they don’t always understand that word either! Thank you for answering our zillions of questions too. Hope to see you somewhere on a course again. Best wishes x

  10. Helen Mc

    Hi Kelly/Sandra
    It has been a fabulous journey with you and all the other participants. I’ve totally enjoyed every week and have learned so much. I’m so looking forward to June and completing all courses. Although I’m a quiet participant it sending homework ect . I can assure you I’ve totally taken it all in and will be sending🤠 Have a fabulous week and defo going to miss my Tuesday 8pm evenings with you all xx

  11. Susan Rice

    Hi Kelly

    Really enjoyed the course and have lots of notes and useful material to dip in to for the future. Big thank you both for your time and input over the past 8 weeks. Evening webinars are a good use cold dark nights, but roll on spring! More chances to ride and spend quality time with our horses and not battling the elements in the freezing cold, sleet or howling wind.

    All the best.

  12. Robyn Hunter

    The Horse Psychology Online course was such fun and so interesting and helpful. Thanks so much again. I’ve been inspired to really want to do the Perfect Manners course in August!

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