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Success Stories

Here are the stories of some of the amazing people and horses we work with here at IH…




Here are the stories of some of the amazing people and horses we work with here at IH…

Sophie Woolf – The Horse Midwife

Winter 2023 – pg.10

Sophie lives in Gloucestershire and helps to manage a private Thorougbred stud alongside two other team members. She discovered IH after attending a Monty Roberts demonstration, then became a member and attended the IH Five-Day Foundation course. Sophie now successfully utilises IH ideals when handling and backing youngsters at the stud.

Liz Beddows – Training And Trec

Autumn 2023 – pg.10

Liz Beddows, aged 64, clives in South Oxfordshire near Henley-on-Thames with her husband Simon. They both ride, although Simon now favours dingy sailing when he has time. Their two children also ride, and with her daughter’s children now on horseback too. Last October all three generations competed successfully together in a TREC competition aged from 6 to 63!

Charlie More – Military, Medical & More…

Autumn 2023 – pg.10

Charlie, aged 44, is working towards her IH Stage 2 qualifications. After a career in the military, she now works for the NHS. Currently living in Norfolk, but due to move to Ramsbury, Wiltshire in June, “I don’t think I’ve lived anywhere for more than three years for most of my adult life!”.

Dominic Smith – Endurance Rider

Spring 2023 Magazine – pg.10

Dominic, from Essex, has been an IH member for about 20 years and competes in endurance with his horse, George. Dominic competes George, both barefoot and bitless.

Imran Atcha – The Urban Horse Hero

Winter 2022 – pg.10

Imran, 51, is coordinator at The Friendship Café and a riding instructor at St James City Farm, a registered charity that includes an urban riding school for local children who wouldn’t otherwise have access to horses.

James Cooling GP – Best Practice Bitting

Autumn 2022 – pg.10

James Cooling, 44, lives in East Yorkshire with his wife Rosie along with their cats, dogs, chickens and seven horses. James is one of the founding members of the Association of Professional Bit and Bridle Fitters, alongside his job as GP at a busy practice in Bridlington.

Profile image of Intelligent Horsemanship Recommend Horse Trainer Melanie Nagele, based in Buckinghamshire.

Meet Mel – IH Member Now Trainer

“I LOVED the Untouched Horse course and fell completely in love with IH, the methods and the community of ‘like-minded’ people. This completely inspired me to attend a 5-day foundation course. This was one of the most ‘enjoyable’ horse experiences to date and completely cemented my desire to continue my IH journey.”

Pauline Ling – From Brushes To Breeder…

Winter 2021 – pg.8

Pauline is 82 years old and lives in Herefordshire with her husband and their two dogs.  Brought up in Yorkshire, Pauline married Tim and for many years they ran a farm in Pembrokeshire, before moving to their current home, which they have converted…

Natasha Smith – Horse Loving RAF Medic

Spring 2022 – pg.10

Natasha, aged 34, is a medic in the Royal Air Force and has been an IH member for two years. Growing up in Darlington, she is now based at RAF Valley, Wales.

horse jumping with a woman sat on the horse

Emma & Harvey’s Success Story

When a middle-aged woman returns to horses after a 19-year break, there are two quickly learned lessons.  The first is that you possess neither the skill, nor the courage, of your youth.  The second is that, despite the learning the first lesson, your dreams and aspirations remain unchanged…

Meg Jackson – Yogi & Pony Mad PR Guru

Autumn 2021 – pg.10

Meg Jackson lives in Swindon. She is a Yoga Teacher, works in PR and Communications for the Bristol charity, Horse World and is the founder of Real Life Yoga.

brown and white horse

Rosemary & Liz

Founders of the Shetland Pony Club

We asked how IH members and sisters, Rosemary Miller and Liz Earl, founders of the Shetland Pony Club, how they use Intelligent Horsemanship techniques every day with their 20 Shetland ponies.

woman pole dancing

Laura Elliott – Pole Dancing Polo Palyer

Winter 2020 Magazine – pg.11

Laura, 32, is based just outside Salisbury, Wiltshire. A keen polo player, she also enjoys retraining ex-racehorses. She is aiming to qualify as an IH Trainer, to help expand on her existing skills and knowledge, helping horses with ‘issues’.

woman and white horse

Christina & Remy’s Success Story

As a teenager, I was absolutely horse mad.  It wasn’t until 25 years later that my passion for horses was reignited and I began riding again.  The riding school also turned out to be a dealer’s yard; I remember the first time I saw Remy on the ‘seller’s row’; he was a powerful, majestic creature…

chantilly polo action shot

Seb Dawnay – 4th Gen Polo Player

Summer 2019 – pg.11

Dawnay, 43, is a 4th generation professional polo player and lives in Maidens Green, Berkshire, with his beautiful wife, Louisa, and 22-monthold baby girl, Sienna. Along with 14 polo ponies, they share their home with two Jack Russells, a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler

Jenny Everett & Icelandic Pony Miska

Within a few days of organising, we were on our way to Wales to see her. I fell in love straight away, she was a beautiful black beauty, such a lovely ride and forward going. I was completely hooked. So in March 2017 Miska arrived at our yard

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