What Are IH Awards?

Intelligent Horsemanship Perfect Manners Awards for IH Members!


The IH Awards, offer a members exclusive opportunity to be recognised for your ability to complete up to 16 ground work exercises that represent our IH ‘essential’ list for equine Perfect Manners. They have been thoughtfully designed with your horse in mind. Giving you the chance to win one of our new rosettes.

Whether you would like to improve your horse’s flexibility, prepare for competition, deepen your bond or create a willing and safer partnership with your horse; these exercises are the building blocks to set you and your horse up for success.

It’s more than just equine success in the horse show arena though. After all, if your horse is easy to catch, lead, pick up feet and move around, he’ll be set up for life and you’ll worry less about him being looked after in your absence!

How to Take Part…

There are two beautiful rosettes to achieve. You can work with and be assessed by an IH Trainer of your choice to complete some or all of the exercises; and grab yourself a place in our IH Hall of Fame’.

IN Awards Rosettes Standards & Advanced
IH awards Check List of 16 Exercises

Meet Ruth and Bertie

Ruth Marshall the first IH Awards Rosette Winner
Ruth Marshall and her fantastic rescue pony Bertie.
Read their story in the Winter Magazine pages 19-21.

Ready to Get Started?

Email your interest, and they will get back to you to organise the next steps. Participating trainers will have a 🏆 next to their name.

  • Get to work!

Practice these tasks with your horse at home and see what you can do… Book a session with an IH Trainer at home or Online to help achieve your goals!

  • Get Judged!

Let your IH Trainer know when you are ready to be assessed in person or by sending in a video.

  • Get your Results

Find out if you passed and/or receive some excellent feedback and tips on how to do better next time. For remote sessions you can organise a phone session to discuss passes or improvements, chargeable at £15 per ¼ hour.   

  • Receive your Rosette!

Rosettes will be presented or posted to you by your IH Trainer (a fee for your rosette and postage will be applicable).

Once your horse has achieved 8 exercises your names will appear in our ‘Hall of Fame’ with a little about you both. This will be updated once all 16 exercises are completed and your horse has achieved ‘Advanced’ Perfect Manners standard.

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