Why People Love Us

‘Content wise you pack a lot in compared to other membership magazines’

Nora Ann
12th September 2023

‘Content wise you pack a lot in compared to other membership magazines’

Nora Ann
12th September 2023


I = Incredible, Informative, Imaginative, Invaluable.
H = Helpful, Honest.
F = Forward planning, Fun, Flexible.
A = Achievable, Appreciative, Adjustable.
B = Believe, Be patient.
U = Understanding, Unflappable, Unassuming.
L = Look, Listen, Laugh, Love, Lightbulb moments.
O = Outstanding (in every way Training, Communication, Courses, Personalities).
U = Unjudgemental, Utopia.
S = Simple Steps, Spectacular solutions.
IH concepts, along with those of our dear Monty Roberts, have shown me the benefit of thinking things through before embarking on any task. It is a life skill to be treasured. It invariably saves time in the long run. They also incorporate the possibility that things won’t always go quite to plan and adjustments can be made. But with the mindset that a positive can come out of a negative, one doesn’t get downhearted or give up, instead you readjust and work through every hic-cup. 
IH concepts more than helped me through the illness Guillian-Barrie Syndrome in 2019 and also through the Covid Lockdowns. 
IH concepts help me to “connect” with whatever horse I’m with, whether it’s riding, leading & side-walking at RDA sessions, or just chatting over the stable door. 
IH concepts help me cope with many negatives in the horse world i.e. Riding Schools insisting I carry a whip when riding. I tell the horse that I won’t use it or at least not in the way the instructor would. Instead I “cluck”, or tap the whip on my boot if needed which, but it usually isn’t required. 
IH Magazine is brilliant. I haven’t got a horse of my own but every issue has something which is relevant to me, as though it was written with me in mind.
I firmly believe that everyone who has any association with horses should attend IH courses, there is so much to be gained from them.
Keep up the good work.
Love to you all.

Julia Cooper
12th February 2023

‘I love IH because’

You bring experts to share their first hand knowledge with us via webinars

You listen to us

You train us to be better at caring for horses and understanding them

It works – and its fun!

IH people are lovely – a great “tribe” to be a member of

Liz Earl
1st February 2023

‘I would say that all ages (owners and horses) will benefit from membership and thank you for founding such a great organisation’

I have followed you and Monty Roberts  and been a member for many years and love the ethos of Intelligent Horsemanship .  I attended the Perfect Manners course about 10 years ago which gave me so much to take away and use with both my horses with a positive result. The dually halter is brilliant.
I love the magazine and read it from cover to cover. The webinars sound brilliant but I have other commitments and don’t participate.
Now I’m 71 and no longer ride my horses ( I lost my 30 year old just over a year ago) and I love looking after my 2 oldies. It is still important to maintain good ground manners and behaviour so IH is part of our daily routine.
I would say that all ages ( owners and horses) will benefit from membership and thank you for founding such a great organisation.

Joan Smith
1st February 2023

‘Membership is extraordinarily good value for money and not found anywhere else.
So much variety in content, and always different angle on old topics from experts in their fields.
I also like the community feel about it.’

Janey Duffy
1st February 2023

‘The whole ethos of Intelligent Horsemanship has helped me in so many ways to be a better partner to all equines that have been, will be, or are currently in my life.’

 ‘I have been an Intelligent Horsemanship member since the early part of the 2000’s, and during that time through the invaluable magazines/books/DVD’s, attending the 5 day foundation course circa 2006/2007 (can’t remember exactly when, but that is what happens when you are in a long term relationship, the history gets muddled lol!) and watching Monty and Kelly demonstrations I have learned SO much more about our equine friends (and about myself) than I could ever have imagined.
The whole ethos of Intelligent Horsemanship has helped me in so many ways to be a better partner to all equines that have been, will be, or are currently in my life.
We all find ourselves in tricky situations in life from time to time, and that can be especially poignant in our life with horses!  Nothing and nobody is perfect, and we all go through times where we have a ‘crisis of confidence’.  Horses and ponies are as individual as we are, and there is no one-size fits all, but through my IH membership, I know have a tool-box of techniques that I can draw on that allows me to work with and help my ponies to be happy on a day to day basis.
I constantly refer to my Intelligent Horsemanship books and magazines if I need a boost.  They offer great advice for not only our ‘horse life’ but for life in general 😊
Thankyou for everything.’

Sharon Flowers
26th January 2023

‘IH has changed my life, in how I feel, see and think. it gave me confidence to trust how I feel and think.’

 ‘Hi Kelly, I love you, and IH and always will till the day I die.
You and IH changed my life, in how I feel, see and think. it gave me confidence to trust how I feel and think.
When I first found Kelly Marks and IH many years ago now, 23 yrs ago, those years were very belittling to humans and horse. I still see those issues occasionally  for horse but not as bad as they use to be, and I know IH Kelly Marks had a ripple effect in changing those years for the better.
I had an orphan  wild foal called Ollie that I had rescued  and without any experience did not have a clue how to tame him, with no experience I had made the situation worse with him by making him too humanised, but being back in those “belittling to humans and horse yrs” was too scared to ask anyone for help in the fear of what they might do to my Ollie and myself.
Fate had it that I would come across a mag with Kelly Marks IH  talking in it  and I just knew they were who I needed to contact.
23 yrs later I now have two mini horses who I have had since they were foals, They know their horses, and they are not scared of anything– great with farrier, great with the horse box, not scared of anything, happy little mini’s. Thank you Kelly Marks and IH always with Love’

Veronica Flynn
25th January 2023

‘For years I have enjoyed the fellowship of other IH people and have learnt so much along the way especially with the webnairs’

 ‘The courses always go beyond expectations. Trainers are understanding and ready to help solve problems calmly and cheerfully. Above all knowing there is help and sensible advice whenever I have a problem.
IH cannot be bettered, thanks’

Jill Pearce
25th January 2023

‘I love being a member of intelligent Horsemanship’

 ‘IH members are such friendly people and so knowledgeable. There is absolutely no violence in communicating with horses and lots of working out why horses are reacting the way they are – usually defence in response to human violence or pain.
There are brilliant courses to attend to learn how to handle horses using non-violence, to learn about feeding, to learn about Horse Psychology (and learn quite a lot of human psychology as well.)
Brilliant, friendly members’ group on facebook and fantastic monthly webinars (free for IH members) with renowned experts in many equestrian fields.  And you can ask questions to explore any problems with your horse and get invaluable suggestions and feedback.
There is also online access to past magazines – which are packed full of useful information and you know the advice is tried and tested and always with the horse’s best interests at heart.
AND annual membership is so cheap. When we are all trying to save money, IH membership is amazing and the one membership that can take the place of so many others.
Anyone who wants to own a horse (or horses) that are a pleasure to handle and ride, love life and are a joy for vets, farriers, dentists etc to work with then joining Intelligent Horsemanship is the absolutely best horse organisation to join.’

Angela Bishop
25th January 2023

‘Would recommend this to any horse owner’

 Last April we bought a 6year old New Forest Mare who turned out to be very green. My daughter showed me your website and I joined to have the magazine delivered, we all love it and all the information it gives. The articles are real and reflect our feelings not treating us as idiots but helping us to solve our problems along our journey. Would recommend this to any horse owner as it makes you feel that you can deal with situations and there is always help at hand. It is also good for my 14 year old granddaughter so she realises she is not alone with how to handle a youngster and learn how to move on without getting stressed or angry.

Jenny Hawkes
25th January 2023

It is so rewarding when your horse “gets it”

 ‘I have been a member of IH for 13 years and in that time I have found so much support and encouragement from all the team. I have attended 4 IH courses, the last one being the 5 day Foundation Course last summer. I came home totally inspired and more confident to develop our groundwork skills. It is so rewarding when your horse “gets it” after just changing your own body language and timing.
I’m also loving the webinars that Kelly makes available on the Members Area. All the speakers are experts in their own field and I feel comfortable knowing that their lectures/webinars are based on solid research.
Keep up the good work – I would be a lot more stressed in my horsemanship without you all 😁.’

Sandy Griggs
24th January 2023

‘Of all the educational equestrian groups you can join IH is THE MOST FRIENDLY and non-judgemental you will come across’

Jane Ashbridge
24th January 2023

‘I’m sure you know this already as I have said it enough times, but IH has changed my life.’

‘I love you guys and I want to continue my IH journey which evolves constantly and seems never ending (in a good way).  
I went to you out of desperation I believe in around 2006 for help my very difficult mare – starting with a horse help call to Cyndie Gould, then attending the Perfect Manners course, and then progressing on from there with regular IH courses each year.   I’ve had invaluable input from Jim Goddard, Rosie Jones, Sandra Williams, Kelly, Bridget, Julia Fisher, John Jones, Ian, Sandy, Jake and many others.  You are all amazing.
I’ve attended the days at Hartsop with Monty himself, courses with other Monty Roberts Instructors too; watched videos, the IH online lectures and read books by Monty, Kelly, Sandra and Rosie.   18 years later (it has been a long road) that problem horse is now my perfect princess.  In the last 9 months I have finally managed to worm her from a tube, which I think was the last major hurdle.   Everyone now tells me that I am lucky as she is so easy.  I remember in the early days that I never understood the little smile that was given by the IH trainers when they said that is what is said of many an “easy” horse. 
I understand now.
I have learnt that what is is not what it must be.  IH methods have also changed in the time I have been a member.  I have learnt to question that just because we have always done something one way, that that is not the only way or perhaps the best way.  I have learnt that experts come in all shapes and sizes.  I’m learning to think more, question more and to be more aware of others’ feelings and perpectives, which may not be the same as mine.  
I have learnt so much from so many IH people,  including from some of the students on the courses.  I learn about horses and I learn about humans and to look inside myself as well as outside.   I am still learning to listen more, stop sooner, feel more, develop soft eyes, improve my people skills further.    I still feel like I know so little and I want to keep learning from IH.’
Sam Robson (nee Davis)
24th January 2023

‘…Well, it was the most transformational week I have experienced.’

‘In September 2019 I embarked on the IH Foundation Course. I was so excited to be going on the week of learning about horses in a new way compared to how I had looked at and been around them before.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but I had a good feeling in my bones.
Well, it was the most transformational week I have experienced.  It was a feast of learning a new approach to horses, how and why horses do what they do and what I was inadvertently doing and saying to them.  I can’t lie, it was also emotional and I felt bad for how I had been towards my horses in the past.  The first thing that I wanted to do was to apologise to Tio, my horse, when I got home.
This week with Kelly, Iain, Sandra and the team was the start of my new way of trying to be with horses – a direction that I am still moving in.  But, the most important result of my week of education was that I got to meet Bridget Colston, IHRT.  Bridget is still guiding my horse and me as we progress along our better way of horsemanship.
So, I owe huge thanks to IH and their IHRT Bridget Colston for my new and much better direction of travel with my horse.’

Ali Reypert
24th January 2023

‘I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the five day foundation course last week. ‘

 Having read all the glowing online reviews I was starting to get worried that my expectations had been set too high, but the course absolutely delivered.  The wide range of trainers gave a really varied experience & it was a great mix of topics.  I have already been able to put some of the techniques successfully into practice with my own horse & it has made me start to think about things a little differently. I’m really looking forward to joining more courses in the future.  Thank you very much!

Jennifer Such
21st July 2023

‘I love everything you do’

I love the printed copy of the magazine as I’m not very good with computers and would never get round to reading it if it was only on line.
I’ve managed to watch every recording of the webinars and think they are absolutely brilliant.

Love everything you do

Alison Moseley
13th February 2023

‘A Road to finding Intelligent Horsemanship’

About 18 years ago I bought a horse that I needed help with. As things fall into place when you need them, I found an old copy, on a second-hand stall, of a book called, ‘The Man who listens to Horses’, by Monty Roberts. A paperback with age yellowed pages. This opened my eyes to a way of working with horses that seemed quite different to the way people around me were working.
There’s a small section of his ‘Join Up’, method in the back, which I avidly practised with my new horse. It worked.
Thirst for more knowledge followed rapidly, and I discovered two other books, Perfect Partners, and Perfect Manners, by Kelly Marks. Reading her books, which are entertaining, easily read, hugely informative, and just so sensible in the way to work with horses led me to be a follower of her methods and to begin looking at Intelligent Horsemanship. Who are they? What do they do? Are they any good?
First stage was to join. It is not expensive to do so. It is very good value and gives you access to a huge amount of combined knowledge from various instructors and teachers who are very willing to share knowledge. So, who are they? Initially set up by Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks, they are now run by Kelly, Sandra Williams, Ian Vandenberg with a group of inspirational experts, all with specialist skills. Check out the website.
Is it expensive to go on courses? If you consider learning how to handle a horse/your horse, in a way that is safe, considerate, sympathetic, kind, gentle and effective an important part of how you want to be with your horse, then no, they are not expensive. They are necessary. So, what do they do? They educate and inspire to learn more.
The courses are run in a friendly inclusive and professional manner designed to put you at ease. You find yourself making friends and contacts that stay with you, and slowly but surely you find yourself immersed in IH, and proud to be part of a membership group that as a community is supportive and knowledgeable with horses, and people, making your involvement with them so much more enjoyable and rewarding. So, are they any good? Yes, I think they are, they are very good, so do many others, there is much to gain from taking that first step, nothing to lose. Take it and join.

Nigel Radcliffe
1st February 2023

‘How has IH been invaluable to me?’

 ‘The opportunity to explore how to better communicate and work with your horse has been both enlightening and a game changer for my animals and my relationship with them (and possibly my husband!). I have learned to listen, be as clear and unambiguous as I can be and to completely review what, how and why I ask my horses to complete tasks, actions or outings!
As an ex-military member, I had the preconceived idea that I was a good leader, was able to communicate well and ‘bring my team’ with me.  However, ownership of a young chestnut mare (who also thought the same) led me to re-assess my entire perspective. She had a ‘no’ that was as strong as mine and we weren’t getting anywhere fast.  
I wanted help and fast.  As I was leaving the military at the time, I used my resettlement funds to support my equine education and enrolled on the 5 day foundation course with Kelly and the team.  It was absolutely brilliant, easy to understand, exceptionally well delivered but most importantly gave me some foundational skills that would help me to change and a ‘mindset’ that would enable it.  I rapidly decided that I need to know more and booked myself onto other courses with the IH crew and also enrolled the help of an IH trainer (Bridget) closer to home.   
Its fair to say that my approach, attitude and thirst for more information around how to be a better person for my horses was ignited and supported by my interaction with the IH team.  You can always learn more, view things from a different perspective and seek alternative answers to the one’s we are traditionally given. 
An awesome experience that has benefited my horse, her quality of life and mine.’

Charlie More
26th January 2023

‘Intelligent horsemanship is vital to my personal health and wellbeing.’

‘Through your techniques, support and guidance you have brought both me and my horse from a place of acute anxiety and panic to peace and communion.  Working in partnership my horse Padstow and I have grown to form a relationship of mutual trust and respect.  Whilst he is supposed to be my husbands horse and is far too big for me, our work on the ground together has led to an amazing connection when in the saddle and so he has become my very special horse.  Thank you, Kelly, for leading intelligent horsemanship and offering so many of us your wisdom and guidance which allows us to experience such magical moments with our horses.’

Rachel Wood
26th January 2023

‘Kelly Marks has that rare talent’

 ‘What I think is great about Intelligent Horsemanship is that it brings the learning from the old and the new, taking all the best points and helping us develop the best partnership we can with our horses.  Kelly Marks has that rare talent of being able to bring her practical experience, knowledge and to communicate in a way which inspires and encourages.  
The learning material that is available on-line is excellent and covers a broad range of subjects.  For those not able to participate in the courses in person the on-line courses/webinars are great. I am thoroughly enjoying the on-line Horse Psychology with Kelly and Sandra, they are excellent tutors and it’s nice also to feel part of the supportive IH community.’

Janice Milne
25th January 2023

‘The membership is great value for money, and hopefully will continue with the good work.’

 Having just completed my HND course on Equine Behaviour, Welfare and Rehabilitation (graded Distinction), which I did through the Open College of Equine Studies in Suffolk, I have found being a member of Intelligent Horsemanship a great help.  I find the articles and features in the Magazine are useful and relevant to the many problems that ordinary horse owners come across when looking after their equine friends.  In particular I have found your books and demonstrations to be inspirational and quoted them many times within my course work and assignments on my HND course (with the appropriate citations of course!).        
The membership is great value for money, and hopefully will continue with the good work.’

Anne Wise
25th January 2023

‘They are BRILLIANT!!’

 ‘I can’t recommend IH more highly. I’ve had horses for years and have had ups and downs with them as per and IH  always has suggestions, answers, recommendations, supportive comments and hugely helpful and informative resources. They are BRILLIANT!!”
Thank you!’

Elizabeth Griffiths
25th January 2023

”If you have any interest in horses then Intelligent Horsemanship is invaluable – regardless of your level of knowledge or experience.  There really is something for everyone.’

I first discovered IH and Monty Roberts in the 1990s when I attended a Monty clinic in Wiltshire.  The demonstration had me hooked – there was another way to treat and relate to horses. Eureka! 
Following the arrival of my foal (long story!) I attended my first IH course in 1998 – Foal Handling with Ian which was really helpful.  Throughout my time with IH I have found the knowledge, support and help invaluable.  
I find the webinars fascinating – they cover a wonderful broad range of topics and it is extremely helpful as a member to be able to access them at times convenient to me.
I have chosen to receive my magazine in hard copy which to me is a bonus as I dislike reading from a screen.  The magazine is excellent and the combination of articles, training, life stories and trainers input produces a useful, enjoyable point of reference.
A huge thank you to Kelly and everyone involved in IH.’

Anna Turner
24th January 2023

‘I find Intelligent Horsemanship an excellent source of practical and useful information.’

It is designed to de-mystify equine related challenges by providing clear and safe guidance for working with our horses.
I first joined IH when I was looking for guidance re loading and unloading a cob. The Dually headcollar and guidance worked a treat and I followed up by attending some Monty Roberts UK clinics and then over the years a number of IH workshops and courses.
IH is great for translating equine knowledge into pragmatic strategies. It is a community that is empowering to its members – it enables you to recognise and build on what you know (as opposed to making you feel stupid/ignorant as a lot of other organisations and web sites do).
I would recommend IH to anyone who works with/owns a horse or even just likes them and wants to understand more.

Elaine McNlchol
24th January 2023

‘I can’t imagine a world without IH.  Where would I go for help?’

‘The wealth of knowledge that’s available to me is priceless. Ive changed the way I think about things. And as a result I have a much better understanding of horses and a better relationship wit’s them.  An example is when I had difficulty mouthing a youngster and I called upon help of James Cooling. I found him through IH. I have changed my practice as a result and I’m so grateful. Thank you IH!’

Sarah Hockney
24th January 2023

‘…everyone was so friendly and welcoming, esp all those involved in running the course. Nobody was judgmental…’

‘I joined IH I think back in 2012 or 13..the reason was to complete the 5 day Foundation course. I was nervous as I  thought other attendees would be so much more knowledgeable than me. I’d been out of UK since 1980,  no access to trainers etc… But everyone was so friendly and welcoming, esp all those involved in running the course. Nobody was judgmental……
The annual fee compared to other horse sites is more than Value for Money, with the magazine and the webinars.  I often refer back to magazine articles for info/support etc.  Plus access to IH trainers if you need that 1 to 1 help for a particular issue with your horse. The expert and experience of webinar presenters is also highly valuable and free of charge.
I for one would be happy to pay the extra £ you might need to charge for continued receiving of paper version of mag.  Being of the older generation I much prefer physical books, mags etc rather than reading on line. It’s far more “tangible”…
Keep on what you’re doing so well…’

Gill Balchin
24th January 2023

‘IH has made all the difference to me and my horse!’

‘I was lucky enough to be introduced to Monty’s and Kelly’s methods right at the start of me refinding my passion for horses in my 40s. Enter the wee yearling i fell for who is now 14 years and 16’2! Thank you for helping me understand our relationship better than i could have hoped. Our bond is strong and i couldn’t ask for more. Especially grateful for the demo that showed how to get him to line himself up to a mounting block or anything else im standing on…this is then envy of my friends as he makes minute adjustments to put himself in the right place even on difficult ground. As I’m only 5’4 I would be rather stuck without it! Thank you!’

Lynn Carter
24th January 2023

‘Intelligent horsemanship has all the answers I had been searching for when dealing with our equine friends.’

‘It has become a way of life that has benefitted both myself and more importantly the horses and ponies in my life, for the last 25 years! I have had the privilege to take part in many of the courses that I cannot recommend highly enough. I must quote Kelly or Monty vocally or in my head most days to help myself or others through problems in both equine and other areas of my life. Everything makes sense and anyone can practice these methods, there are no secrets or mystery it is largely making ‘Intelligent’ decisions and plans. I love the way knowledge is shared openly and freely and the movement is always striving to do better and take on board new thinking and research. The world definitely is a better place for horses and humans thanks to Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks and all their associates.

Kerry Ebdon
24th January 2023

‘The IH magazine is the only one that I find is truly kind to horses.’

‘It gives practical help for real problems, and is never condescending. It doesn’t plague us with confusing or misleading adverts. It sticks true to the IH values, which means respecting horses and owners alike. From this relatively tiny team, comes the best equine advice I have found in a magazine.’

Lydia Ebdon
24th January 2023

‘So basically if you want to have a wonderful partnership with your horse or pony that is filled with kindness, understanding, joy and happiness then IH is for you!’

So where to begin, I have so much to thank Kelly & Team for in so many ways. I am attaching a photo of my Perfect Manners book page signed by Monty & Kelly (at a demo) which made the already special book, very special. Then when I got the Perfect Confidence book and asked if it would be possible for Kelly to sign it I was over the moon that she wrote ‘To Maureen and Annie Keep following those dreams’ (photo attached). I must have read those words a thousand times as they meant so much to me and my precious Annie who has long since trotted over rainbow bridge. Those words still mean the world to me. Back in those days, many years ago, there mostly existed only traditional methods with horses which was not for me and when I came across a documentary with Kelly demonstrating how to use kindness and understanding with horses I knew I had to find out more. Monty was just starting to share with the world his amazing methods too. I quickly purchased along with my books which are here by my side as we speak lol the giddy up rope, dually, Monty’s books, went to demos and had one of the best weekends of my whole life when I attended the course to learn join-up. It was wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded people and no whips in sight just love, understanding and talking horse language. I was star struck when we had Kelly herself teach us but she is the most modest down to earth person you could ever meet. Kelly has always remained approachable from the start. Her talent and knowledge are huge, always have been but she remains humble in so many ways. IH helped me and Annie have the best ever life together and my treasured Babycham and now Honey and Winnie. 
I have learnt so much from Kelly in every way imaginable and am proud to be a member of IH and recommend it and the books to everyone who ever asks a question. I am a serial hoarder of the magazines even though nowadays everything is available at the touch of a button. The Webinars are brilliant! Sorry I am rambling but the following are the best reasons for people to join IH to name a few:
– many years of knowledge to hand
– Kelly has always been approachable, friendly and in touch with members and non-members alike.
– IH is always open to discussion but thankfully does not allow any nasty comments or behaviour so people can feel safe to use the facebook site.
– As Monty said he could not recommend a better teacher anywhere in the world we are so lucky to have her here in the UK.
So basically if you want to have a wonderful partnership with your horse or pony that is filled with kindness, understanding, joy and happiness then IH is for you!

Maureen Charles
6th February 2023

‘I loved every minute of every course and highly recommend them.’

I’m a 63 year old who had been around horses all my life and worked in some top showing yards/stud in my younger days. I’ve never stopped learning about horses and am still learning. I’ve been a member of IH for many years now and have done all the courses from the 5 day Foundation to the Handling Untouched Horses. I loved every minute of every course and highly recommend them. They have something for everybody of any level and the magazine reflects that init’s content. I particularly like the scientific studies and the webinars. I always learn something new. The webinars take place at the wrong time of day for me (husband coming in from work hungry at 7.45;o) but it’s great that I can view the recordings after the event. It is so important for the equines (and other animals) of the world to be treated as sentient beings. It seems to me that the majority of the world think that if an animal can’t understand the human’s language in the way that a human does, then it doesn’t have feelings and isn’t capable of communication. IH have made big in roads to this lack of understanding and continue to do so. The world can’t be changed overnight but we must keep on raising awareness. IH is a major part of this change in the UK. Keep up the good work.

Kath Swann
30th January 2023

‘I would recommend your courses to anyone considering how to get the best out of themselves in order to make the lives of their equines safer, and their exploits together more rewarding.’

Sheila Churchward
28th January 2023

‘We can’t do this!’ we cried plaintively. ‘Yes you can!’ we were assured ‘and if you can’t I’ll help you learn!’

 ‘When we accidentally bumped into a lost little pony in the road, we had no idea that we were at such an important fork in life’s path, where one foolish decision would change things forever. With no knowledge, skills or experience of our own it’s inevitable that we went in search of guidance and advice, but it was fate that led us to find the kindest, most generous and wisest trainer working with such a thoughtful, kind method of horsemanship. ‘We can’t do this!’ we cried plaintively. ‘Yes you can!’ we were assured ‘and if you can’t I’ll help you learn!’ And indeed we were taught everything we needed to know and so much more than most people ever learn. So what chance did we have? If it wasn’t for IH, and specifically the amazing Suzanne Halsey, we’d still have a life full of holidays, staying up past 9.30pm, going out to restaurants, wearing nice clothes – but instead our misfortunes have increased year on year. We now have four horses, four! of our very own, exactly 3 years since we stumbled across that complicated little pony in the street. We’re exhausted, our clothes are covered in hay and suspicious stains, our old friends have given us up – but never could we be happier, and certainly we couldn’t have done any of it without intelligent horsemanship. The kindness and commitment of Suzanne, the courses we’ve had the privilege of attending, the wider resources and advice available, have all been significant factors in our ongoing neglect of the London restaurant scene and long haul airlines. Thank you so much for changing our lives!’

Vicky Van der Luit
27th January 2023

‘Not just a magazine, but a brilliant accessible resource in print and online, and a gateway to great courses’

 ‘Help is always on hand from friendly office staff for whom there is no such thing as a stupid question when I’ve rung about my subscription or IT queries.
Articles in the magazine are inclusive, informative, thought provoking and supportive. Expert and experienced writers sharing so that we all learn and grow  to the benefit of our horses, ourselves and our friends and colleagues. This is a community, not an exclusive club!
Hope this is helpful, I have valued every magazine and every contact from Kelly and the team, long may you all flourish!’

Nicky Buckle
25th January 2023

‘IH are an incredible bunch of ‘intelligent’ caring and fun loving people who care passionately about all equines. I heartily recommend them.’

‘I discovered IH in the late nineties. It was such a breath of fresh air to have a genuine group of people who put the horse first.
Monty, in spite of (or because of) being horrendously abused as a child made it his life’s work, first to study how horses communicate and then build up a system whereby anyone, using this can ask our horses for the behaviour we want. The whole concept of INTELLIGENT horsemanship puts the onus on us humans who want to use horses for our enjoyment and competition, to try and understand why they do, or refuse to do as we wish. Then we have to devise gentle ways to make the required behaviour easy for them in a non violent way. This was such a huge change in attitude at that time.
I had been bought up in the traditional school of ‘you be the boss’ and ‘make the horse do what you want’, ‘also this is the way you do this’ whereas of course there are many roads to Rome and it’s up to us to find the right one for our horses.
Watching Monty and Kelly transform the behaviour of a horse in so short a time was profoundly moving, and yet so logical. They were communicating with the equine in a way they understood. Asking, not demanding and continually rewarding them by removing any pressure.
What we end up with is willing partners who can work with us in a way that provides pleasure for both.
The wonderful thing is ANYONE can learn to do this and make life so much easier for the horses they deal with.
I attended lots of demonstrations and helped at quite a few, attended some courses at Hartsop and helped for some courses too. I have never stopped learning. 
Although I am now in my 70’s and no longer ride, I still love the wonderful IH magazine, the Online university and the webinars with amazing experts in so many fields of equine care all available to members.
IH are an incredible bunch of ‘intelligent’ caring and fun loving people who care passionately about all equines. I heartily recommend them.’

Sarah Lane
25th January 2023

‘IH  has changed my life’
‘The IH magazine is without doubt the best equine magazine available.’

 ‘There is a wide variety of articles that are relevant to both today’s issues but also issues which have always and will always face horses. Each and every article is detailed, well thought out and contains factual and evidence-based information. Emphasis is always placed on the well-being of the horse being top priority which is so important and often gets forgotten.
I always pass my magazines on to friends and family so others can benefit from this brilliant publication! 
Keep up the good work!’

Jenni Hughes-Ellis
25th January 2023

‘Of all the organisations I have belonged to over many many years IH is the most approachable and caring one. I cannot rate them highly enough. If you love horses you need IH!’

 ‘Where to start !
I first came across IH many years ago when a friend took me to see a Monty Roberts  demo in Bedfordshire which was organised by IH .

I was blown away to find people who thought like me about equines.  That they deserved respect,  understanding , kindness in training and the chance to develop a safe relationship with humans. 
I was delighted to find that Kelly had an organisation in this country and joined straight away. 

Their ethos is fantastic.  The training second to none and the support , if needed , is always there.
I love the magazine and always find it interesting and full of information which constantly challenges me. We can never stop learning about horses in my view. I love the webinars with such relevant and topical  content with specialists to learn even more. 

Of all the organisations I have belonged to over many many years IH is the most approachable and caring one. I cannot rate them highly enough. If you love horses you need IH!’

Liz Mortimer
24th January 2023

‘I love my IH membership, I love being part of a community which puts horse welfare at the top of the list.’

‘I particularly enjoy the webinars. I have a young horse and feel that by educating myself, I am able to pass on what I learn onto my horse. Although I have had horse’s for many year’s, I have never taken one on who was only just 4 and just starting her education. I want to do the right thing by her, I love natural horsemanship. 
Thank you so much for all the information that my IH membership gives me, through the magazine,  webinars and members benefits.’

Barbara Austin
24th January 2023

‘Thanks to Monty, you and your team my whole approach to horses has changed and I have been sharing that knowledge with others ever since.’

So glad you all turned up in my parents village and did a demo that I have never forgotten and thanks to my Dad who spotted your poster! 

Amanda Gibbs
24th January 2023

‘I couldn’t imagine having interest in horses without Intelligent Horsemanship.’

‘You, your team, Monty. The courses., the magazines, The demos the books the dually halter it’s all one and the same belongs to my ponies. 
Please don’t  think of giving up – horses Uk need you more than ever today.’

Annie Norman
24th January 2023

‘IH has played an essential part in training for us over the years.’

‘My daughter competes Nationally and Internationally in the fun, fast and furious sport of Mounted Games. No pony is born completely brave, so another rider zooming towards you with a sword held high (complete with rattling rings the rider has collected) for a handover can be a nerve wracking experience for both novice horse and rider. IH has played an essential part in training for us over the years. Gently gaining the pony’s trust so that they will willingly go with you into all sorts of potentially scary situations is fundamental. Join up, is at the heart of training. Then the pony needs to learn to stand for the start, back up if you make a mistake, turn on a sixpence and Go For It when you want to – it is a race. All elements of the IH awards system. Ground work is essential for getting used to equipment. Mounted Games riders never use whips, it’s all about communication and overcoming unusual scenarios together.’

Bridget Doubleday
24th January 2023

‘This is an excellent organisation which allows for frank discussions on all horsey issues.’

‘No problem is too small or too large.
Different views are shared and all views are welcome.
Nobody is left out.
The organisation’s main aim is to promote the welfare of horses. Traditional wisdom is questioned and challenged with the latest scientific findings and first hand experience.
I think the mixing of all sorts of people of differing ages and experience is one of the best things about IH. It is an excellent forum.’

Pat Hartley
24th January 2023

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