Online Rider Confidence (Mon Evenings, 8 Weeks)


This course begins on

Monday 9th September 2024 8pm

and runs for 8 weeks.

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An 8 week online course on a Monday evening – run by Daisy Smith of How Very Horsey. Open to all levels of horse person.  This interactive, group programme is for those looking for support with their rider confidence. Open to all levels of horse person. Described as “a massive game changer” , “insightful and mind-opening”, “inspirational and honest” and “a must for any rider’s mental health tack box”.

Every Monday evening at 8.00pm for 8 weeks run online through Zoom. Worksheets and an option of a 30 minute 1-2-1 also available.

Subjects include

  • ♞ Causes and self analysis
  • ♞ Safety Planning
  • ♞ Reprogramming beliefs
  • ♞ Breathing and fitness
  • ♞ Coping mechanisms
  • ♞ Allies
  • ♞ Success Planning
  • ♞ Finding the Fun
  • ♞ Also touching on CBT, EFT/Tapping, Aromatherapy and Affirmations

Limited places – £149 per person

Contact to find out more or discuss getting involved in the next confidence group.


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