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I have completed my Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate of Horsemanship under a Monty qualified instructor but I was wondering how that course would translate into Intelligent Horsemanship qualifications if I were to start training to qualify to become an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Associate? I wanted to go out to Flag Is Up to do the Certification to be a Monty Instructor but I am struggling with a lack of access of horses to practice with and also a lack of funding to get out to the States. Any advice relating to the process to become and RA taking the certification I already have would be greatly appreciated.


We are sorry that many people when choosing a Monty Roberts (MR) course don’t realise that Intelligent Horsemanship (IH) and therefore the IH Recommended Associates are a separate organisation. Anyone attending the IH courses can go on to do the MR Advance Certification and if they so wish go on to do the MR Instructor course in California. It is normal for students to choose whichever tutor(s) they like for their first MR Introductory course before going on to the Advanced course when they will receive some feedback from Monty. However, the IH Recommended Associates are personally recommended by Kelly and it is non-negotiable that each one is very well known to her and the other experienced RAs.

Intelligent Horsemanship will not recommend people we haven’t worked with personally. Please be clear that anyone planning to become an IH Recommended Associate in the future needs to choose Intelligent Horsemanship courses to study. Students that do will also have the advantage of personal teaching from Kelly Marks, one of only two Monty Roberts ‘Master Instructors’ who has worked with Monty for over 22 years. Also Ian Vandenberghe who has worked with Monty for an equal amount of time and worked with Monty and Kelly to set up the original courses. They are also supported on the courses by top flight IH Recommended Associates who each have specialist subjects.

I could not recommend a better teacher of my methods anywhere in the world than Kelly Marks
Monty Roberts
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