Team Building for Business

Use Horse Power for Leadership, Communication, Negotiation and Team Building

Come and spend a day in Oxfordshire surrounded by horses plus experienced and supportive tutors and find out the lessons from horses – the power of intention, focus and clear communication. World class tutors – both horse and human!

At Intelligent Horsemanship you and your colleagues can see the power of Join Up™ between horse and human and then learn and experience this powerful bonding process for yourself.

Up to 10 participants will have the wonderful opportunity to personally experience:

  • Communicating with the horse in his own language to gain trust and respect
  • “How to Lead” with the horse as co-teacher
  • “Leading from behind” again with feedback from the horse
  • Unique team building exercises which will stay in your mind long after the day.
  • Remember HORSES CAN’T LIE. They don’t care who is the Chairman or who sorts the mail. At last honest feedback – if a person’s actions and emotions are not congruent – the horse will tell them!

We have many, many positive testimonials and can supply these (with contact numbers if requested).


One of our most memorable speakers of last year was Kelly Marks demonstrating Horse Whispering. A fascinating session using communication with horses to illustrate how we communicate. And how much we communicate without intending to do so!

The key learning points that I felt readily transfer to the work environment were:

  • To communicate effectively:
  • Recognise everyone is different. Try to communicate the same thing in at least three different ways.
  • Make it easy by keeping it simple.
  • Make yourself more interesting than a bunch of hay.
  • Use the language of the recipient.
  • Be clear with yourself what your intention is.
  • Be purposeful not uncertain and vague.

And most importantly when under pressure – eg when faced by a tough question, create space for your right brain (intuition) to do its stuff.

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