Intelligent Horsemanship Diploma

in conjunction with The Monty Roberts Introductory Course of Horsemanship

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HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our new holders of the Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate and Intelligent Horsemanship Diploma 2021:

  • Sarah Bough
  • Stuart Fawcett
  • Julia Duncan
  • Hannah Wells
  • Rachel Murat
  • Robyn Mackenzie
  • Suzanna List
  • Nigel Radcliffe
  • Jo Powell
  • Natalie Wylupek

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Intelligent Horsemanship Diploma

Courses provide expert tuition in the art of ‘horse whispering’ and equine behaviour – It will change the way you view not only your relationship with horses, but also the people around you and even the relationship you have with yourself.

The Intelligent Horsemanship Diploma has 2 stages which are detailed below. Students who pass the IH Diploma will also attain the the Monty Roberts Introductory Course of Horsemanship at the same time.

Stage 1

5 Day Foundation Course – An intensive 5 day practical course covering Join Up™, leading principles and equine behaviour and so much more.

Horse Psychology – A 2 day classroom based course – students will question how horses think, see and feel and come away thinking in a whole new light. Definitely gets you thinking!

Foal Handling and Stud Practice – A 2 day practical and classroom based course learning from a true expert in the field of Horse breeding and youngstock. This course covers 2 modules, each module can be taken a one day course. Both modules must be completed in order to progress towards the IH Diploma.

Feeding and Nutrition/Horse as an Athlete – A 2 day classroom based course teaching students beyond practical expertise to the horses digestive systems and the effects of different feeds and the horse as an athlete. This course covers 2 modules, each module can be taken as a one day course. Both modules must be completed in order to progress towards the IH Diploma.

Stage 2

Once you have completed the above you can work towards Stage 2 and it is recommended you undertake 2 further courses which are Leading & Loading the Less Easy Horse, and Handling the Untouched Horse

Stage 2 also entails:

  • Practical Experience and Video Evidence
  • Horse Psychology Project
  • Homework
  • Stage 2 Exam Week

For full details on Stage 2 please download the guidance notes which are downloadable below, with associated forms you will require for this section.

Stage 2 Guidance Notes and Join Up™ Form

Stage 2 Exam Week Application Form is available on request from

Stage 2 Payment Chart

The Stage 2 Exam Week (5 Days) is not available to be taken until all other modules are completed and approved.

Becoming a Recommended Trainer

Once you have completed your Stage 2 courses and passed the Stage 2 exam week and gained the Intelligent Horsemanship Diploma you can look to apply to become a Recommended Trainer – click here for further information

Monty Roberts Advanced Course

Upon completion of the Monty Roberts Introductory Course of Horsemanship you are then qualified to go to Flag Is Up Farms, California to further your education and take the Monty Roberts Advanced Course. From here you may wish to become a Monty Roberts Instructor.

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