Which Course is Right For Me?

Join Kelly and Team on One of Our Fantastic Courses.

Come and have the experience of a lifetime with our expert tuition in the art of ‘horse whispering’, horse psychology and equine behaviour. Our courses will change the way you view not only your relationships with horses, but also the people around you and the relationship you have with yourself. Intelligent Horsemanship courses help improve the skills and understanding of horsemen and horsewomen of all abilities. Offering hands on learning opportunities with horses of all shapes and sizes plus a welcoming environment you are certain to have a great time.

On our courses you will have the fantastic opportunity to be taught by either Kelly Marks or Ian Vandenberghe. In addition to our other extremely experienced and talented tutors.

Whether your are looking to help tackle an equine behaviour issue of your own, improve your confidence and handling skills, further your knowledge or become a horse trainer yourself; we offer a course for you.

You will need to be a IH Member to take part in one of our courses. Membership starts from just £39.50/year; Find out more.

What’s so Special about IH Courses?

Straight form the horses mouth… well horsewoman’s. We were honoured when IH Member and New IH Diploma graduate Julia Duncan, decided to research the impact that our courses have on their participants; as the topic for here Stage Two Horse Psychology Project. The results speak for themselves!

Which Course is Right for me?

New to IH?

If your looking improve your confidence; gain skills to help you working with your own animals; get a taster of Kelly’s and Monty’s techniques; or just for a fun and insightful experience with a group of likeminded people; then these are the courses for you.

Perfect Manners Weekend Course

A perfect introduction to Intelligent Horsemanship and the art of ‘horse whispering’. On this two day course you’ll have fun learning about: Join Up™, Long Lining, Ground Work and the principles of Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks’ work.

This course includes a signed Certificate of Attendance. Find out more.

The Five Day Foundation

Immerse yourself in a week of horsemanship, with like minded people. During these five days you will gain practical experience in: Join Up™, Follow Up™, Long reining and Halter work. In addition to lectures in: Preparing your horse for the farrier, Loading, and Saddle Fitting.

Each student is awarded with a certificate; contributing to the IH Diploma and allowing access to the advanced level courses. Find out more.

Horse Psychology Weekend Course

A classroom based course suitable for equine professionals as well those keen to gain a better understanding of horse psychology and equine behaviour. This course has its roots in equine behaviourism, ethology, years of practical experience and common sense – but it’s actually so much more!

Students gain a certificate, that goes towards qualifying to take their IH Diploma. Find out more; or why not check out our online horse psychology course.

Further Develop your Practical Skills…

Looking to develop your horsemanship further? These courses, taught mostly by the wonderful Ian Vandenberghe; are here to help you do just that!

Foal Handling and Stud Practice

Working in the stud industry? Having a foal of your own? Or just interested in the best technique’s for handing foals and young stock? This is the course for you…

Ian Vandenberghe is a former College Equine Lecturer and Stud Manager who has over 22 years experience of stud work including foaling over 600 mares. A kind and natural horseman, Ian has worked with Monty Roberts and is an expert in the correct and humane way of handling young foals as well as specialised horse care. He has specialised in cardiac and respiratory resuscitation in the neonate and has had a 100% success rate with 18 foal adoptions on foster mares.

Each student is awarded with a certificate; contributing to the IH Diploma. Find out more.

Feeding and Nutrition | Horse as an Athlete

This course suits a wide range of equestrians from those in the equine performance industry to the average horse owner wanting to ensure that they are feeding the best thing for their horse.

Ian Vandenberghe is a Monty Roberts Master Instructor and one of the very first Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainers. Ian is a  qualified farrier, BHSAI Instructor, a former Stud Groom at Aston Park and an experienced stud manager. Currently focusing on bringing on performance horses; there is not much that Ian doesn’t know about feeding for each horses specific needs.

On this two day course you will learn about the science behind feeding, equine behaviour issues related to feeding, feeding for performance, for medical concerns, and more…

Each student is awarded with a certificate; contributing to the IH Diploma. Find out more.

Online Courses

Rider Confidence

An 8 week online course on a Monday evening – run by Daisy Smith of How Very Horsey. This interactive, group programme is for those looking for support with their rider confidence. Open to all levels of horse person.

Described as “a massive game changer” , “insightful and mind-opening”, “inspirational and honest” and “a must for any rider’s mental health tack box”. Find out more.

Online Horse Psychology

All the brilliance of the classroom based horse psychology can now be experienced in an 8 part weekly online course. Suitable for equine professionals as well those keen to gain a better understanding of horse behaviour.

Students gain a certificate that goes towards qualifying to take their IH Diploma/Monty Roberts Introductory Certificate. Find out more.

Advanced Courses

These are the more challenging courses, designed to develop this skills of those with a base knowledge in IH techniques.

What is the IH Diploma?

The Intelligent Horsemanship Diploma has 2 stages which are detailed below. Students who pass the IH Diploma will also attain the the Monty Roberts Introductory Course of Horsemanship at the same time.

After this student may be able to go on and complete their stage 3 to become an IH Trainer.

Find out more.

Handling the Untouched Horse

Kelly and the team are wonderfully warm awe-inspiring teachers of horsemanship.
Helen G
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