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Suzanne Halsey aka. Friday Field Training

Hartlip, Kent
Covering Kent and Essex
07767 755524 or

About Suzanne…

Suzanne Halsey, based in Hartlip, Kent, has been an IH trainer since in 2001 and is also a Mary Wanless ‘Ride with your Mind’ Accredited Coach. Her aim is to tailor her work to suit you and your horse, to create a better relationship and understanding to strengthen the bond between you. 
Suzanne opened Friday Field Stables in 2001, which she developed for 15 years into a 5 star full livery and training yard; gaining a wealth of experience.
Now concentrating on her freelance work, Suzanne does call-out sessions for whatever problems that you may be having.  This could be assistance in leading, loading, groundwork exercises or ridden problems, or for regular coaching.  
Both Kelly, Monty and Mary play a huge influence in the way that she trains and coaches both horse and rider, plus drawing on her knowledge of over 27 years in the equine industry to help you achieve a more harmonious relationship with your horse.

🏆 Suzanne participates in the ‘IH Awards’.

IH Trainer Suzanne Halsey is based in Hartlip, Kent.

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