Susanna List

Susanna List* aka Equine Endeavour’s

Covering Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex

About Susanna…

Susanna is available to help owners with all areas of horsemanship, using a calm, kind, passive leadership approach. She strives to consistently see things from the horse’s perspective, and she will adapt the training to best suit their needs in the environment they are in. She focuses on helping an owner achieve a deeper connection with their horse, which often brings a new dimension to the partnership.

Susanna is a compassionate trainer, using the solutions to common problematic behaviours as opportunities to help owners enjoy the journey with their horse, working through issues in a logical and inspiring way.

Susanna specialises in non-loaders, having had many successes helping owners to get out and about with their horses again. She is also drawn to working with youngsters before they are started under saddle; this can include acceptance work, leg handling, spook busting and long lining. Susanna is based in the heart of Suffolk and will travel to neighbouring counties.

You can find out more about Susanna on her website.

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