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Sandra Williams aka HearingHorses

Lacey Green, Buckinghamshire
Covering 20 mile radius of HP27 0QG Phone and Video Consultations available
07785 544174 or 01844 274344

About Sandra…

Sandra, based in Buckinghamshire, is passionate about improving the lives of horses and humans, training with non violent techniques. She has a thorough understanding of Equine Psychology alongside many years of practical experience across the Equine Industry.

With an empathetic ear she listens to both you and your horse. Communicating direction and guidance visually as well as verbally. Whether you are a lover of horses as an owner, trainer, rider or competitor Sandra is able to guide and coach you both.

Having owned and worked with a diverse mix of horses and humans for several decades she will certainly offer you her best.

Sandra is one of IH’s key trainers and instructors; she teaches on many of our Courses including the 5-Day Foundation and, is a vital part of our HQ Team, as course coordinator.

Sandra holds regular Horse Agility sessions as well as one-to-one groundwork sessions which include; ground handling, long lining and more with either your or one of her horses. More training information can be found on her ‘Hearing Horses’ website.

🏆 Sandra developed and participates in the ‘IH Awards’.

A Q&A with IH Trainer Sandra Williams

(The Intelligent Horsemanship Magazine)

How long have you been involved with horses? And how did you get involved with them?

I have been involved with Horses for 47 years. My sisters begged our Mum and Dad for lessons at the local riding school. I used to tag along wearing my white knitted bobble hat and be lifted on to one of the Shetland ponies (Tweedledum and Tweedledee). Not sure you would call what I did riding or a lesson but I loved following the bigger horses round the arena

Why did you decide to qualify as a Recommended Trainer?

I saw it as a way to help more people to help more horses. If I could help at least one person, there was the potential to help an extra horse and have a more positive effect. I had also been carrying a lot of guilt about misunderstanding one of my ponies. He hated going in to the trailer and as a child I couldn’t understand why, especially as when we got to an event he jumped to win and win we did. He was a very spiritual soul and supported me through my early years, teenage years and into adulthood. When I work with ponies and horses today worried about loading and travelling a part of him is always with me.

What is a typical day for you?

Having thought about this question for sometime. I decided this was a way to answer clearly giving an insight into my day to day routine. Over the last year to 18 months I have attempted to divide my daily time up in to chunks, large medium and small. This means I will have 2-3 large chunks to achieve in a day, 3-4 medium and several smaller ones. A large chunk could be working one to one with clients, teaching on the IH Courses or working on IH Administration. Medium chunks would be, tend to our ponies and dogs, my own business administration and since my Dads diagnoses of Dementia and being appointed his legal power of attorney, many duties for him. Small chunks would include, running our home and all that entails, ensuring our animals husbandry’s are organised as well as catching up with friends and family.

What’s important to you when you see an owner and their horse for the first time?

I listen and hear what they and their horse is saying and then I link the two of them together. If you have worked with me you may have heard me talk about my Olympic Rings or Links analogy. This means working on one thing at a time, working on individual movements and tasks, then linking them together. If you are learning how to play golf, you firstly learn how to hit the ball a long way, then you learn how to hit it with accuracy and then you link the two together. I do exactly the same using groundwork exercises with horses and humans.

IH Trainer Sandra Williams is based in Lacey Green, Buckinghamshire.

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