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How would you like to be a part of a friendly and welcoming equine community that is here to support you? We have specialists in every field to assist you.

No matter where you are in your horsemanship journey, we have designed our cost saving annual membership plan to allow you to shape your own Intelligent Horsemanship experience. Our content covers a wide range of topics, including horse training and problem-solving, general health and welfare, veterinary care and advice, horse and rider confidence, anatomy, tack fitting, farriery/equine podiatry, dentistry, and more…

Our Online Membership Plus Print is the perfect option if you love the feeling of sitting down with a cup of tea to read a printed magazine full of insightful articles. While still having access to all of the online membership benefits, such as our professional webinar series and online video library as well as online access to 15+ years of previous magazines.

IH Online Membership Benefits Include:

  1. Printed Copy of the Excellent IH Magazine deliver straight to your door
  2. Access to Over 15 Years of Previous IH Magazines
  3. Extensive Online Educational Video Library
  4. The IH Professional Equine Webinars – Watch Live or Catch Up
  5. IH Awards, Competitions, and Discounts
  6. Connect with Like-Minded People on the IH Members Facebook Group
  7. Members Helpline
  8. IH Research Projects
  9. Books for IH Members now available online: “Perfect Confidence – Overcoming Fear, Gaining Confidence, and Achieving Success with Horses” and “Handling the Untouched Horse” by Kelly Marks


  1. George Hunt

    I now have access to the Members Area of the website. I see there is now a great deal of valuable information here. What a brilliant educational resource!

  2. Janey Duffy

    Membership is extraordinarily good value for money and not found anywhere else.
    So much variety in content, and always different angle on old topics from experts in their fields.
    I also like the community feel about it.

  3. Janice Milne

    “What I think is great about Intelligent Horsemanship is that it brings the learning from the old and the new, taking all the best points and helping us develop the best partnership we can with our horses. Kelly Marks has that rare talent of being able to bring her practical experience, knowledge and to communicate in a way which inspires and encourages.

    The learning material that is available on-line is excellent and covers a broad range of subjects. For those not able to participate in the courses in person the on-line courses/webinars are great. I am thoroughly enjoying the on-line Horse Psychology with Kelly and Sandra, they are excellent tutors and it’s nice also to feel part of the supportive IH community.

  4. Anne Wise

    Having just completed my HND course on Equine Behaviour, Welfare and Rehabilitation (graded Distinction), which I did through the Open College of Equine Studies in Suffolk, I have found being a member of Intelligent Horsemanship a great help. I find the articles and features in the Magazine are useful and relevant to the many problems that ordinary horse owners come across when looking after their equine friends. In particular I have found your books and demonstrations to be inspirational and quoted them many times within my course work and assignments on my HND course (with the appropriate citations of course!).

    The membership is great value for money, and hopefully will continue with the good work

  5. Elizabeth Griffiths

    I can’t recommend IH more highly. I’ve had horses for years and have had ups and downs with them as per and IH always has suggestions, answers, recommendations, supportive comments and hugely helpful and informative resources. They are BRILLIANT!!”
    Thank you!

  6. Jenny Hawkes

    Last April we bought a 6year old New Forest Mare who turned out to be very green. My daughter showed me your website and I joined to have the magazine delivered, we all love it and all the information it gives. The articles are real and reflect our feelings not treating us as idiots but helping us to solve our problems along our journey. Would recommend this to any horse owner as it makes you feel that you can deal with situations and there is always help at hand. It is also good for my 14 year old granddaughter so she realises she is not alone with how to handle a youngster and learn how to move on without getting stressed or angry.

  7. Jane Maidment

    IH Magazine is a well designed magazine which gives its members helpful information regarding schooling and general maintenance for their horses. Unfortunately, I lost my own horse 18 months ago due to old age. I still enjoy this magazine.

    It would be a shame to not have this valuable magazine to end its days, so as to speak.

    Even though I am now horseless I still support IH .

  8. Sharon Flowers

    I have been an Intelligent Horsemanship member since the early part of the 2000’s, and during that time through the invaluable magazines/books/DVD’s, attending the 5 day foundation course circa 2006/2007 (can’t remember exactly when, but that is what happens when you are in a long term relationship, the history gets muddled lol!) and watching Monty and Kelly demonstrations I have learned SO much more about our equine friends (and about myself) than I could ever have imagined.

    The whole ethos of Intelligent Horsemanship has helped me in so many ways to be a better partner to all equines that have been, will be, or are currently in my life.

    We all find ourselves in tricky situations in life from time to time, and that can be especially poignant in our life with horses! Nothing and nobody is perfect, and we all go through times where we have a ‘crisis of confidence’. Horses and ponies are as individual as we are, and there is no one-size fits all, but through my IH membership, I know have a tool-box of techniques that I can draw on that allows me to work with and help my ponies to be happy on a day to day basis.

    I constantly refer to my Intelligent Horsemanship books and magazines if I need a boost. They offer great advice for not only our ‘horse life’ but for life in general 😊

    Thankyou for everything.

  9. Anna Turner

    If you have any interest in horses then Intelligent Horsemanship is invaluable – regardless of your level of knowledge or experience. There really is something for everyone.

    I first discovered IH and Monty Roberts in the 1990s when I attended a Monty clinic in Wiltshire. The demonstration had me hooked – there was another way to treat and relate to horses. Eureka!

    Following the arrival of my foal (long story!) I attended my first IH course in 1998 – Foal Handling with Ian which was really helpful. Throughout my time with IH I have found the knowledge, support and help invaluable.

    I find the webinars fascinating – they cover a wonderful broad range of topics and it is extremely helpful as a member to be able to access them at times convenient to me.

    I have chosen to receive my magazine in hard copy which to me is a bonus as I dislike reading from a screen. The magazine is excellent and the combination of articles, training, life stories and trainers input produces a useful, enjoyable point of reference.

    A huge thank you to Kelly and everyone involved in IH.

  10. Sandy Grigg

    I have been a member of IH for 13 years and in that time I have found so much support and encouragement from all the team. I have attended 4 IH courses, the last one being the 5 day Foundation Course last summer. I came home totally inspired and more confident to develop our groundwork skills. It is so rewarding when your horse “gets it” after just changing your own body language and timing.
    I’m also loving the webinars that Kelly makes available on the Members Area. All the speakers are experts in their own field and I feel comfortable knowing that their lectures/webinars are based on solid research.
    Keep up the good work – I would be a lot more stressed in my horsemanship without you all 😁.

  11. Jane Ashbridge

    Of all the educational equestrian groups you can join IH is THE MOST FRIENDLY and non-judgemental you will come across

  12. Elaine McNIchol

    I find Intelligent Horsemanship an excellent source of practical and useful information. It is designed to de-mystify equine related challenges by providing clear and safe guidance for working with our horses.
    I first joined IH when I was looking for guidance re loading and unloading a cob. The Dually headcollar and guidance worked a treat and I followed up by attending some Monty Roberts UK clinics and then over the years a number of IH workshops and courses.

    IH is great for translating equine knowledge into pragmatic strategies. It is a community that is empowering to its members – it enables you to recognise and build on what you know (as opposed to making you feel stupid/ignorant as a lot of other organisations and web sites do).

    I would recommend IH to anyone who works with/owns a horse or even just likes them and wants to understand more.

  13. Sarah Hockney

    I can’t imagine a world without IH Where would I go for help? The wealth of knowledge that’s available to me is priceless. Ive changed the way I think about things. And as a result I have a much better understanding of horses and a better relationship wit’s them. An example is when I had difficulty mouthing a youngster and I called upon help of James Cooling. I found him through IH. I have changed my practice as a result and I’m so grateful. Thank you IH !

  14. Annie Norman

    I couldn’t imagine having interest in horses without Intelligent Horsemanship.

    You, your team, Monty. The courses., the magazines, The demos the books the dually halter it’s all one and the same belongs to my ponies.
    Please don’t think of giving up – horses Uk need you more than ever today.

  15. Gill Balchin

    I joined IH I think back in 2012 or 13..the reason was to complete the 5 day Foundation course. I was nervous as I thought other attendees would be so much more knowledgeable than me. I’d been out of UK since 1980, no access to trainers etc… But everyone was so friendly and welcoming, esp all those involved in running the course. Nobody was judgmental……
    The annual fee compared to other horse sites is more than Value for Money, with the magazine and the webinars. I often refer back to magazine articles for info/support etc. Plus access to IH trainers if you need that 1 to 1 help for a particular issue with your horse. The expert and experience of webinar presenters is also highly valuable and free of charge.
    I for one would be happy to pay the extra £ you might need to charge for continued receiving of paper version of mag. Being of the older generation I much prefer physical books, mags etc rather than reading on line. It’s far more “tangible”…
    Keep on what you’re doing so well…

  16. Sam Robson (nee Davis)

    I’m sure you know this already as I have said it enough times, but IH has changed my life. I love you guys and I want to continue my IH journey which evolves constantly and seems never ending (in a good way).

    I went to you out of desperation I believe in around 2006 for help my very difficult mare – starting with a horse help call to Cyndie Gould, then attending the Perfect Manners course, and then progressing on from there with regular IH courses each year. I’ve had invaluable input from Jim Goddard, Rosie Jones, Sandra Williams, Kelly, Bridget, Julia Fisher, John Jones, Ian, Sandy, Jake and many others. You are all amazing.

    I’ve attended the days at Hartsop with Monty himself, courses with other Monty Roberts Instructors too; watched videos, the IH online lectures and read books by Monty, Kelly, Sandra and Rosie. 18 years later (it has been a long road) that problem horse is now my perfect princess. In the last 9 months I have finally managed to worm her from a tube, which I think was the last major hurdle. Everyone now tells me that I am lucky as she is so easy. I remember in the early days that I never understood the little smile that was given by the IH trainers when they said that is what is said of many an “easy” horse.

    I understand now.

    I have learnt that what is is not what it must be. IH methods have also changed in the time I have been a member. I have learnt to question that just because we have always done something one way, that that is not the only way or perhaps the best way. I have learnt that experts come in all shapes and sizes. I’m learning to think more, question more and to be more aware of others’ feelings and perpectives, which may not be the same as mine.

    I have learnt so much from so many IH people, including from some of the students on the courses. I learn about horses and I learn about humans and to look inside myself as well as outside. I am still learning to listen more, stop sooner, feel more, develop soft eyes, improve my people skills further. I still feel like I know so little and I want to keep learning from IH.

  17. Lynn Carter

    IH has made all the difference to me and my horse! I was lucky enough to be introduced to Monty and Kellys methods right at the start of me refinding my passion for horses in my 40s. Enter the wee yearling i fell for who is now 14 years and 16’2! Thank you for helping me understand our relationship better than i could have hoped. Our bond is strong and i couldn’t ask for more. Especially grateful for the demo that showed how to get him to line himself up to a mounting block or anything else im standing on…this is then envy of my friends as he makes minute adjustments to put himself in the right place even on difficult ground. As I’m only 5’4 I would be rather stuck without it!
    Thank you!

  18. Pat Hartley

    Intelligent Horsemanship.
    This is an excellent organisation which allows for frank discussions on all horsey issues. No problem is too small or too large.
    Different views are shared and all views are welcome.
    Nobody is left out.
    The organisation’s main aim is to promote the welfare of horses. Traditional wisdom is questioned and challenged with the latest scientific findings and first hand experience.
    I think the mixing of all sorts of people of differing ages and experience is one of the best things about IH.
    It is an excellent forum.

  19. Kerry Macleod

    Intelligent horsemanship has all the answers I had been searching for when dealing with our equine friends. It has become a way of life that has benefitted both myself and more importantly the horses and ponies in my life, for the last 25 years! I have had the privilege to take part in many of the courses that I cannot recommend highly enough. I must quote Kelly or Monty vocally or in my head most days to help myself or others through problems in both equine and other areas of my life. Everything makes sense and anyone can practice these methods, there are no secrets or mystery it is largely making ‘Intelligent’ decisions and plans. I love the way knowledge is shared openly and freely and the movement is always striving to do better and take on board new thinking and research. The world definitely is a better place for horses and humans thanks to Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks and all their associates.

  20. Lydia Ebdon

    The IH magazine is the only one that I find is truly kind to horses. It gives practical help for real problems, and is never condescending. It doesn’t plague us with confusing or misleading adverts. It sticks true to the IH values, which means respecting horses and owners alike. From this relatively tiny team, comes the best equine advice I have found in a magazine.

  21. Nicky Buckle

    Not just a magazine, but a brilliant accessible resource in print and online, and a gateway to great courses.
    Help is always on hand from friendly office staff for whom there is no such thing as a stupid question when I’ve rung about my subscription or IT queries.
    Articles in the magazine are inclusive, informative, thought provoking and supportive. Expert and experienced writers sharing so that we all learn and grow to the benefit of our horses, ourselves and our friends and colleagues. This is a community, not an exclusive club!

  22. Jenni Hughes-Ellis

    The IH magazine is without doubt the best equine magazine available. There is a wide variety of articles that are relevant to both today’s issues but also issues which have always and will always face horses. Each and every article is detailed, well thought out and contains factual and evidence-based information. Emphasis is always placed on the well-being of the horse being top priority which is so important and often gets forgotten.
    I always pass my magazines on to friends and family so others can benefit from this brilliant publication!

  23. Jane Light

    IH has changed my life as I now know that there is a whole load of people out there who think as I do that violence has no place in our dealings with horses. The webinars are fantastic, given by professionals at the top of their fields and dealing with really important and fascinating subjects. The website is an amazing resource with 15 years worth of magazines on line for members as well as advice and video tutorials on many of the subjects that are commonly needed by everyone from time to time, plus books to read. The magazine is full of interesting articles and always read from cover to cover when it drops through the door, and the training pages have things we can all learn from – a bargain!

  24. Liz Mortimer

    Where to start !
    I first came across IH many years ago when a friend took me to see a Monty Roberts demo in Bedfordshire which was organised by IH .
    I was blown away to find people who thought like me about equines. That they deserved respect, understanding , kindness in training and the chance to develope a safe relationship with humans.
    I was delighted to find that Kelly had an organisation in this country and joined straight away.
    Their ethos is fantastic. The training second to none and the support , if needed , is always there.
    I love the magazine and always find it interesting and full of information which constantly challenges me. We can never stop learning about horses in my view. I love the webinars with such relevant and topical content with specialists to learn even more.
    Of all the organisations I have belonged to over many many years IH is the most approachable and caring one . I cannot rate them highly enough . If you love horses you need IH !

  25. Barbara Austin

    I love my IH membership, I love being part of a community which puts horse welfare at the top of the list.

    I particularly enjoy the webinars. I have a young horse and feel that by educating myself, I am able to pass on what I learn onto my horse. Although I have had horse’s for many year’s, I have never taken one on who was only just 4 and just starting her education. I want to do the right thing by her, I love natural horsemanship.

    Thank you so much for all the information that my IH membership gives me, through the magazine, webinars and members benefits.

  26. Angela Bishop

    I love being a member of intelligent Horsemanship. IH members are such friendly people and so knowledgeable. There is absolutely no violence in communicating with horses and lots of working out why horses are reacting the way they are – usually defence in response to human violence or pain.
    There are brilliant courses to attend to learn how to handle horses using non-violence, to learn about feeding, to learn about Horse Psychology (and learn quite a lot of human psychology as well.)
    Brilliant, friendly members’ group on facebook and fantastic monthly webinars (free for IH members) with renowned experts in many equestrian fields. And you can ask questions to explore any problems with your horse and get invaluable suggestions and feedback.
    There is also online access to past magazines – which are packed full of useful information and you know the advice is tried and tested and always with the horse’s best interests at heart.
    AND annual membership is so cheap. When we are all trying to save money, IH membership is amazing and the one membership that can take the place of so many others.
    Anyone who wants to own a horse (or horses) that are a pleasure to handle and ride, love life and are a joy for vets, farriers, dentists etc to work with then joining Intelligent Horsemanship is the absolutely best horse organisation to join.

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