Perfect Manners (2 Day Course)


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The Perfect Manners Course is a great introduction to Intelligent Horsemanship and suitable for horse men and woman of all abilities. On this two day course you’ll have fun learning about and experiencing: Join Up™, Long Lining, Ground Work and the principles of Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks’ work. Held at the beautiful Hartsop Farm in Whitney, Oxfordshire OX73AS.

During these two days you will learn:

♞ Ways to achieve trust and bonding with any horse

♞ How to use Monty Roberts Join Up™ and Follow Up™ techniques

♞ How to long line

♞ Some Essential Horse Psychology

♞ Leading and Handling Horses

♞ Common Mistakes to Avoid

♞ What your body language says to horses

♞ The concepts that have revolutionised horsemanship


Further Information:

These very pleasurable although intensive courses are suitable for everyone from the absolute novice to the experienced horseperson. Generally the minimum student age is 16 years but we will consider very keen younger students who must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian (as a participant or spectator). There is a high tutor/student ratio as well as personal tuition from Kelly. You are encouraged to discuss exactly what you are happy to do and can then receive individual instruction to stretch yourself as much or as little as you wish. Each student will have the opportunity to go into the round pen twice and practice body language leading to ‘Join Up™’ under instruction with one of our many horses as well as long lining in the pen. You are welcome to bring your own horse if arranged in advance, a daily livery charge will be applicable for each horse. Each participating student completing the course will be awarded a certificate stating completion. These exclusive weekend ‘Perfect Manners’ courses are fully endorsed by Monty Roberts and run by the only qualified teacher and holder of his ‘Advanced Professional Certificate’, former European Champion lady rider, Kelly Marks.

You will need to be a member of the Intelligent Horsemanship Association (if not already a member) so you can start practising with online footage and be super ready before the course!



Spectators are most welcome at the cost of £15 per day for IH members or £30 per day for non-members. Spectator places can be booked by clicking the button or by calling the office on 01488 71300. Please specify which date you wish to attend.



A Taster Of What The Weekend Involves:

28 reviews for Perfect Manners (2 Day Course)

  1. Angela

    In the two days available I think it was amazing to have covered the amount we did to the standard we did. It was better than perfect!

  2. Cate

    Fantastic tuition from experienced, calm instructors. Clear instruction enabled a really open learning experience.

  3. Louise

    Clear instruction from very experienced horsewomen. A very personal touch.

  4. Barbara Hawkins

    The encouragement from tutors and fellow students help me to overcome my initial anxiety.”
    They were all amazing and inspirational

  5. Maria Leavesley

    Had such a brilliant time and learnt a lot on the Perfect Manners course, such lovely people both instructors and fellow attendees. Thank you so much for all the effort and expertise that went into that weekend.
    Hope all is well and will keep on learning…

  6. Victoria Eli

    I appreciated the chance to ask very basic questions in an accepting and safe environment. I made full use of it!

  7. Julia Duncan

    Thank you again for another completely captivating training weekend and genuinely the best learning experience for me ever! Not even exaggerating! 🙂

  8. Josh Rivero – White

    I had no idea what to expect but it exceeded my expectations regardless. The tutors were so thorough and made it feel really easy considering I’m not an experienced horse person.

  9. Lara

    Just wanted to say a massive thanks to every one for last weekend and your efforts and attitudes during the course. Jamie loved it and learned so much and all I can say is ‘well done’ to everyone who actually managed to get him to talk and get over his ‘teenage’ shyness. It was a pleasure to watch him literally grow in confidence before my eyes so thank you each and every one ! We will def be back !!! Take care Lara x (and Jamie)

  10. Jo White

    It was individual and adapted to my needs which massively boosted my confidence and helped my progression. I am inspired to continue my journey with this. Thank you so much for everything. All the tutors, helpers, fellow course members and observers – all have been exceptional and I’m truly grateful

  11. Jenny White

    I have come home rejuvenated with a plan about delegating. Was such a special weekend and what a privilege to meet so many wonderful people.The longest I’ve had away from work and work thoughts in 6 months and the answers just came! Looking fwd to the next course and priming my boys for the perfect manners!! They will love it. #exciting
    I feel like I want to do the horse psychology course again and I’m definitely doing the loading course again, that was like a consolidation of everything. Honestly, Kelly, the beauty of all your training courses (as I am finding more with my courses) is they are also experiential, so you can do them again and pick up an entirely different set of skills. It’s the people that make the experience, in many ways we are just facilitating the learning journey.

  12. Rachel

    great course, very knowledgeable tutors and good pace catered for all those new to horses through to people with a lot of horse experience. Also a lovely vibe – it was clear the tutors all supported each other. A very warm welcome and felt looked after – brilliant loved it! More time doing practical instruction than I expected – I’ve learnt a tremendous amount in a really short amount of time the course has been amazing I feel it really encourages you to understand and connect with horses. It was the best thing I’ve done in ages – up there with some of the very best of my life experiences and very emotional.

  13. Gabriella

    I was really impressed with the lecture content an amount of practical work also the friendly nature of the tutors and team learning the most positive aspects of this course was learning what you’re doing from both human and horse perspective. It is honestly a brilliant course and getting so much time with Kelly has been brilliant.

  14. Tina

    the amount of learning is just right for the two days so you take things in and you’re not overwhelmed David – good mixture act of activities great tutors fantastic host and location great balance of class and practical activity

  15. Lauren

    I had thought we might have less hands-on but it felt really good considering only two days

  16. Paul

    I definitely recommend this course. Very calm environment patient teachers. I previously attended as a spectator which was excellent but you can’t beat the hands-on experience! The learning culture being fostered is one of gentle encouragement and no judgement which in turn leads to more confident and relaxed student

  17. Christabel

    A huge thank you for all
    the learning and fun just what I hoped for to set me off to be more confident with my ground work and long lining. All the instructors are so clear and detailed in their instructions and always in a positive way

  18. Puffin Pocock

    Just to say again how much I enjoyed, and learned from, the fabulous course you and your RAs put on over the weekend. The impact of what we did, and what I learned will remain

  19. James Olroyd

    It was well planned, friendly and fun as well as educational

  20. River

    It was so much fun and I really learned a lot from it especially good if you’re new to Equestrian life. It definitely lives up to my expectations, and it was even better than I thought it would be . I found the joiner really useful because it’s a really good way to create a bond between you and the horse. I would’ve preferred less of the big big horses I’m only saying that because I’m a little 11 year old!

  21. Lizzie Cameron

    I would definitely recommend this course. It was what I expected and more and very friendly. It was so positive, it’s the first equine course or training I’ve been on for 35 years since my BHS exams.

  22. Jackie Robinson

    Totally relevant to anyone with horses – in whatever capacity. Especially relevant to anyone wanting to improve their relationship with their horse.
    Really enjoyed the mix of classroom, human and horse learning and then learning techniques with the horses. It helps to cement the learning.

  23. Elizabeth Harrison

    Loads of information to take in. Great course notes to take away. Nice mix of in class, lectures, video footage, and practical work. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’m not hugely experience with horse handling, but the course was so informative.

  24. Caroline Timlett

    The wealth of knowledge of all the tutors and their personal skills to encourage learning was fantastic.
    I learnt so much. I expected to learn join up, but I was delighted to learn ground work and long reining – so more than my expectations!

  25. Carole Coates

    I would recommend this course. I think it’s good for first starters with horses as well as longtime owners.
    It gives confidence which can underpin future work. It was better than I expected! I expected basic handling instead, but got in-depth join up and ground work. to have less of any part of this course, would you value it.
    This is my third physical course and I think they’re getting better all the time. Looking forward to the next one.

  26. Leigh-Ann

    Excellent, teaching in a supportive and positive learning environment. It was a good refresher of skills learnt on foundation course.

  27. Jane Light

    Such positive learning and comments, all the time enabling a helpful learning environment. I’ve been on the five day course previously, so I knew what to expect.

  28. Dianne Baxendale Oldroyd

    Is the course what you expected.? It was much better than expected! Better than expected in the training, and what I learnt, re-learnt to slow down, breathe, think about your own body, language and position etc

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