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 Perfect Manners is an essential book in any horseperson’s kit box. It is jam packed with information but doesn’t get bogged down with technicalities and jargon.

The premise of the book is to use the horses own language to improve your bond on the ground which can then translate into the saddle and beyond.

Check out the feedback!!!

Not surprisingly, Kelly has the happiest horses I’ve ever met. – Daily Mail ‘Weekend’ magazine
Delving through my pile of latest glossy editions, top marks must got to Kelly Marks’ book Perfect Manners. Its clever layout – no reams of turgid prose – means it’s an ideal book to open at random and read Marks’ pearls of wisdom honed from years of experience. This is a must for any bookshelf. – Devon Life
Perfect Manners is brilliant. The single best horsebook I’ve ever read, and I’m not just saying that. And the photo’s are just wonderful. Pie is one handsome chap and knows it! – Ally Sixsmith
I bought Kelly’s book and read it with great interest and much laughing… – Monique Janson, Sweden
Hi Kelly, A friend was over in the UK and got me a copy of your book. It is really great and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I thought it would just be a reference book as I have been on the courses but I started on it and am already three quartersway through it. It is well written and easy reading but with loads of information. I am really inspired with more things to try with Casper – especially all the exercises. – Karen Portman, South Africa
I would also like to take this chance to say that I thought your book was very good and certainly makes me think and act differently towards my own horse although he is one of the best in every way and has almost PERFECT MANNERS. – Teresa Flynn
Dear Kelly, Received the book and video. The book is so well written, readable and interesting, and the video an inspiration. – Jackie Tye
I wanted to let you know I love your book! You write so beautifully – really clear and funny and practical. It is really good. – Anne Dearing
I received your book earlier this week and have been reading it, I just want to say that I think it is fantastic, it so totally mirrors so much of the way I think, more than any other book I have ever read. I love the open-mindedness, and the way you always give more than one way of doing something, and the foundation exercises are just what I use when I go out to assess a horse. That is the first time I have seen written down anywhere about teaching your horse to stand still, it is really good to read because that is one of the first things I teach my clients when I get them working with their horses. I have just got to the bit where you start addressing particular problems, so will carry on reading now, but just wanted to take the time to say thank you for putting in words so many of the things I believe in so strongly, and I will be recommending it to all my clients – Sue Brown
I have bought Kelly’s book which I have to say is the most user-friendly equine book I have read in the last eighteen months (and I have read quite a lot 🙂 – Sue Halson-Brown
I have just bought the book Perfect Manners and would like say what an excellent book this is, I have a young horse who will be 3 in June and I have found the exercises very helpful, fortunately I have started him the John Lyons way, with the basic manners and he is growing into a well mannered young man, but we do have our lapses. At the moment I am unable to put your book down. Best Wishes for the Future – Elaine, USA
Hi Kelly, I went and collected my copy of perfect Manners book today, wow its fantastic, I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it, its so full of great information, and so helpful, its brilliant, and its going to be so helpful for me and many other’s and of course many horses, thank you for our lovely mention in the book, it was a real lovely surprise to see ourselves and Ollie in there, ahh and beautiful pictures of pie he is gorgeous, well done and thank for writing this book I love it, it is going to be really helpful for me as I am helping a unhandled young pony at the moment (another Ollie without the teeth) :O) who lives with her herd, she is coloured as well, and none of this would have been possible without what you have taught me. Thank you again Take Care Lots of Love – Veronica & Family & Ollie
Dear Kelly, I am sure you are very busy so I will keep this short. Just had to write to say I thought ‘Perfect Manners’ was a wonderful read with lots of practical, uncomplicated advice/instruction. I don’t own my own horse, (unfortunately), but have private lessons and have just started exercising a friend’s horse. I am quite green to the equine world, but have never accepted the way most horseman and women treat their horses. Their treatment lead me to believe that there had to be an alternative and that horsemanship should be about partnership and not domination. Thank you for writing such an inspiring book which has restored my faith in human/animal and indeed human/human relationships – along with resorting my faith I certainly think more about the way I treat the people around me, especially my business partner (my mum). – Kathryn Hopkins
P.S. Your new book “Perfect Manners” is EXCELLENT !!! – Mrs Helen Loader
I wanted to tell you that I was very much inspired by your book! I tried it with my horse and he responded. – Marlies Hendriks
I have just finished reading your book Kelly, and it is the most marvellous book I have read for horse information. Thank you again for every single word! – Pam Simmons
I have read and re-read “Perfect Manners.” I loved it and found all of it to be valuable.
My horse’s bad stable manners have vanished (with your help.) Thank you Kelly for writing a book that I could relate to. – Pauline Carey
I bought your book yesterday to hopefully learn some helpful information. I stayed up all night reading because I just could not put it down. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful book. You have given me much hope and needed lessons. – Mariah Harper
I just had to write to you or I will burst!! I have just read your book. Usually I have a real job catching Cassie, the last time, she went to bite me, ears back, tail swishing etc…I shouted at her, more in shock than anything and she got worse, she turned round to kick me then reared up!!! I read your book today and went to get her in, I did just what you said and I could have cried when I put my hand out to her and she came to me and I gently got her collar and led her in, telling her what a good girl she was and how clever!!! I felt like shouting, I was so happy and it was all done, so quickly and quietly, anyway Kelly, I just wanted to thank you so much for your help and I have just received your perfect manners book today and can’t wait to get started. – Eileen Cottam
Thanks for writing ‘Perfect Manners’. Megan and I started working on the foundation exercises a few weeks ago (Megan is a gypsy cob aged about 4) and we are making steady progress.
Last week we had to visit the vets for the first time for x-rays. She loaded and unloaded in the horse box well and I was so proud of her standing patiently for the X-rays and backing up into position time and time again. It really works. I can now see how the exercises fit into the scheme of things. – David Sweeney
I have been reading your new book, which I have to say is brilliant. Keep up the good work, you are doing a brilliant job. – Jenny Ashton
I have just put down your book ‘Perfect Manners’. It was absolutely wonderful. The book was like a breath of fresh air and it put me on a high. It was so positive and horse friendly, it was ‘unputdownable’. I am sure that horses everywhere will be truly grateful. – Sue Pace
I have just finally finished reading your book, and I must first congratulate you on a superb, informative, ‘horse friendly’ read. – Dawn Ward
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