CATCH UP – Pasture Management Webinar – for Good Doers, Laminitis/ID/PPID, Colic, Poisonous Plants


With Anna Welch TopSpec’s Veterinary Nutrition Director – 5th May 2023



Anna Welch BVSc BSc MRCVS, Veterinary Nutrition Director who graduated from the School of Veterinary Science – University of Liverpool, in 2008, having also completed a BSc in Veterinary Anatomy / Equine Science at the University of Bristol in a one-year intercalated degree. She spent the following five years in a busy mixed, and ultimately equine, practice.  She joined us in May 2023 for a fascinating webinar on pasture management, toxic plants, weight management, the equine digestive system and m0re.

The webinar includes:

  • Why forage is so important for horses.
  • Nutritional value of grass.
  • Pasture management for: good doers, laminitis, colic
  • Poisonous plants.

Thank you to Top Spec for sponsoring this webinar. Anna joined TopSpec nearly 10 years ago and has benefited from the knowledge, experience, and integrity of Nicola Tyler BSc (Hons) RNutr. (Nutrition Director) and her team. Anna enjoys being part of a team with a passion for equine nutrition and welfare, offering practical advice and problem-solving solutions to horse owners (as well as equine professionals e.g. retailers, vets, farriers, EDTs, physiotherapists and others.) on the TopSpec Multiple-Award-Winning Helpline  01845 565030


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