Pair of 30ft Intelligent Horsemanship Long Lines


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A pair of 30 foot nylon cushion web long lines, they have a clip on the lead end and are made from strong soft material.

Long lining is fast becoming the way Intelligent people work with their horses – we promote double line work rather than single line lunging because single line lunging can cause a horse to bend against the curve of the circle and damage their spines and pelvis.
Having two lines on a horse whilst working them in a circle can encourage a correct curvature of the spine, encourage forward movement around the outside of an area and keep the horse balanced and united in different gaits.
Long lining can also be used outside of an arena or roundpen to exercise horses coming back from injury, building up muscle, starting youngsters and general exercise for your horse (plus much more!).
These long-lines are 30 ft each, made from lightweight nylon “cushion web” and have a brass snap on the lead end. The buttery soft material is easy on the hands but strong.
One pack contains a set of two long lines. 

 We have black, red and navy/red – if you have a preference make a note in the comments section and we will do our best to fulfil that.