Pair of 30ft Intelligent Horsemanship Long Lines


Longline/Lunge Lines For Horses – Soft Nylon Material


Discover our 30ft Intelligent Horsemanship Long Lines. More than just “longlines” or “lunge lines,” they are a smart horse training solution. Made from durable, soft nylon, they offer balance, rehabilitation, and exercise benefits. Each pack includes two 30ft lines, available in four stylish colors.


Introducing our pair of 30ft Intelligent Horsemanship Long Lines. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill “longlines” or “lunge lines.” They’re a high-quality piece of equestrian equipment specifically crafted for intelligent horse training.

Each unravels to a 30-foot rein length, giving you ample control while being able to work at a safe distance from your horse. These lines are made from a robust yet soft nylon “cushion web” material that’s as gentle on your hands as it is durable in the field.

Now, here’s the lowdown on why these are fast becoming the “best equestrian longlines” for intelligent horse owners. Instead of sticking to the old-school single-line lunging method – which can place unnecessary stress on your horse’s spine and pelvis and cause asymmetry – we instead promote double-line lunging and long-lining.

This horse training method fosters the correct spine curvature in your horse, stimulates forward movement, and ensures your horse stays balanced, whether they’re walking, trotting, or cantering. Plus, it’s an absolute game-changer when rehabilitating injured horses, building muscle, starting young horses, or just for your horse’s daily exercise regimen.

Each pack comes with two 30ft lines. You can choose from four colors at the top of the page – classic black, navy, vibrant red, or a navy/red combo.

So, why not give our Intelligent Horsemanship Lines a go? Experience the difference and see why many horse enthusiasts are trading traditional lunge lines for our double-line approach. We reckon both you and your horse will be thrilled.

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