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Would you like a horse that is easy to lead, stands still when you ask and loads like a dream?  Training with the Dually halter is the right place to start.  The adjustable halter was designed by Monty Roberts and can be helpful in a number of different ways from leading, loading, long-reining and even as a bitless bridle.  It can also be used as a standard headcollar to tie on the non-training ring.  The Dually (pronounced ‘Dooley’ comes with an instructional DVD to explain its fitting and use. (See further fitting details below)

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The Monty Roberts Dually Halter is an exceptional training aid personally designed by Monty Roberts himself. This versatile and adjustable halter is perfect for enhancing your horse’s training experience. Whether you want your horse to be easy to lead, stand calmly on command, or load effortlessly, the Monty Roberts Dually Halter is the ideal solution. It serves multiple purposes, including leading, loading, long-reining, and functioning as a bitless bridle. You can even use it as a standard headcollar by attaching it to the non-training ring.Unlike traditional bridles, chifneys, or nose chains, the Dually Halter offers a kinder and more effective alternative. Its unique design focuses on pressure and release training, rather than inflicting pain. Kelly Marks, an expert in the field, explains, “The Dually won’t cause any harm or desensitize your horse’s mouth. It doesn’t dig into sensitive areas of the horse’s face or apply excessive poll pressure. When properly fitted, it provides accurate control with minimal compression compared to other options.”

Determining the Correct Size

The Dually Halter sizes may run large, but they offer excellent adjustability with numerous holes. You can choose from various sizes, each represented by a specific colour.  To determine the correct size for your horse, follow these measurements taken from the horse’s face for fitting:
  1. Nose: Use a measuring tape to measure just below the cheekbones and around the circumference of their face.
  2. Head: Measure around the circumference of the area where you would fit a bridle headpiece and throat lash.
  3. Cheek: Measure the length of the cheek bone,  down the side of the face where you would fit bridle cheek pieces.
  If you need any further assistance or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 01488 71300. We’re here to help.
Size/ColourDescriptionNose MeasurementHead MeasurementCheek Measurement
Mini (Purple)Fits foals or miniature Shetlands16.5 – 19.5 inches24 – 31 inches4.5 inches
Extra Small (Green)Suitable for Welsh Section A ponies or Shetlands up to 13hh with a finer head19 – 24.5 inches25 – 34 inches6 inches
Small (Red)Ideal for 13hh ponies up to 15.2hh horses with smaller heads19.5 – 28 inches29 – 39.5 inches7 inches
Medium (Black)Fits horses from 14hh (Big Head) to finer 16.2hh horses23 – 31 inches37 – 45 inches8 inches
Large (Blue)Designed for larger horses26.5 – 35 inches38 – 48 inches9 inches


Proper Fitting Instructions


When fitting the Dually Halter, it’s important to keep in mind that it serves as a training aid, replacing the need for other headgear. Achieving an accurate fit is crucial for optimal results. The Dually Halter should sit slightly higher on the horse’s face, with the upper nose band almost reaching the bottom of the horse’s cheekbone. To achieve this position, you may need to undo both the nose band and the chin band, adjust the headpiece to position the Dually correctly, and then secure the lower bands to fasten the halter firmly, yet comfortably, on the horse’s face.


Considerations for Sensitive Horses

If you’re concerned about your horse’s sensitivity, you have the option to purchase a natural sheepskin guard. Placing it over the active part of the noseband can prevent rubbing, especially for horses that experience strong changes of direction during long-lining with the Dually.


Safety Precautions when Using the Dually Halter

It’s crucial to remember that you should never tie a horse using the schooling ring of the Dually Halter. For safety reasons, horses should never be left unattended in a stable or field while wearing the Dually or any other halter except a “fieldsafe headcollar” to avoid the risk of entanglement. When traveling with your horse in a Dually Halter, ensure that you tie it to the correct (non-schooling) ring and remove any objects in the horsebox that could become entangled with the other rings. If your horse will be eating hay during the journey, it is advisable to loosen the Dually under the chin a few holes to allow comfortable jaw movement. While the rings on the Dually are designed to bend or break under extreme pressure, it’s important not to rely solely on this feature. Please note that the Dually Halter serves as training and safety equipment but is not specifically marketed as a “breakable” or “fieldsafe” product.


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Mini (Purple), Extra Small (Green), Red (Small), Black (Medium), Blue (Large)


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