Intelligent Horsemanship Diploma


The stage 2 exam week takes place on the 23rd – 27th October 2023


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Stage 2

Once you have completed Stage 1 you can work towards Stage 2 and it is recommended you undertake 2 further courses which are Leading & Loading the Less Easy Horse, and Handling the Untouched Horse

For full details on Stage 2 please download the guidance notes which are downloadable below, with associated forms you will require for this section.

Stage 2 Guidance Notes and Join Up™ Form

Stage 2 requires you to complete Horse Psychology Project, Practical Experience and Video Evidence, Homework Studies and attend the Stage 2 Exam Week:


The Horse Psychology project is to demonstrate that you are able to
question and analyse individual aspects of horse psychology and behaviour. Your
project must include work with at least 3 different horses, but may also include
reference to other sources of such as similar research carried out elsewhere,
reference materials, common beliefs and perceptions, etc.


2 straight Join-Up™, from you leading the horse into the pen to leg handling;
1 Full Join-Up™ role playing how you would start a young horse using Join-Up™
1 leading/loading exercise with a horse with real leading issues.


When you submit your application form for the Stage 2 Exam Week (see below) and
your place has been approved, you will automatically receive your homework study
questions. These questions will be based on aspects of your Stage 1 courses; some
of them may require some research by you.
  • Stage 2 Exam Week


Application Form is available on request from and will only be provided to you once you have attended all courses and completed both the Horse Psychology Project and Practical and Video Evidence.


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