Globetrotting by Rosie Jones-McVey


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In Globetrotting horse trainer Rosie Jones McVey goes backpacking around the world in search of horse-training secrets.

This is the story of her journey, across three continents, exploring horsemanship in radically different settings. With a backpack stuffed with her riding hat and chaps, a meagre budget and a whole lot of optimism, she set out on the adventure of a lifetime, to share horsemanship ideas with South American cowboys, Australian mountain men, equine behavioural scientists and Indian horse dealers, to name just a few. All along the way she learns from and contributes to the horsemanship she encounters, always with an open mind and from a non-judgemental viewpoint.

Fresh, funny and with a roller-coaster of emotions, this thought-provoking book will appeal to anyone interested in horses and horse-training methods.

About the author

Rosie Jones McVey has a natural talent for horse training. She has trained horses professionally since she was a teenager. At 21, she became the youngest ever Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship. She has ridden in demos for Kelly Marks and Monty Roberts. Her passion for finding the best solution to horse-training problems is infectious, and she never loses the perspective of a student, keen to learn from any direction and willing to share her experiences. She remains refreshingly open to new ideas and honest about her own internal debates surrounding horse-training choices. She is currently undertaking a PhD in horse/human interaction at Cambridge University.