Giddy Up Rope


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Used for encouraging forward motion. For a video guide on using the Giddy Up click here

We’ve all been there – you’ve got your horse in on a beautiful crisp day ready for a wonderful ride, you head out of the gate and bang – your horse develops the uncanny ability to grow roots and refuses to move. Or how about this one… your horse sees a killer crisp packet on the side of the road, stops, spins and goes backwards at a hundred miles an hour.
So how can you gain forward momentum in a horse that naps, rears, plants of just needs a bit more oomph without having to resort to using a whip? Easy – you get yourself a Giddy-Up Rope.
The “Giddy Up Rope” is constructed with soft nylon fibres braided into a thick rope, tasselled on the end with a loop on the other end to fit over the wrist. When your horse stops, the Giddy Up Rope is ‘flicked’, giving visual and auditory cues and setting the horse into motion.
“Further progress on second schooling session with Giddy up rope- showed Tommy the rope before I mounted and instead of our 5 minute battle squashing me against fence and napping into corners before whipping him into trot he decided to trot without me asking as soon I was on board!! Such easy transitions too I couldn’t believe I was riding the same horse. I even asked the stable girls if he had been given someone else’s high energy dinner by mistake! Can’t describe how happy I am. Sally”

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