CATCH UP – An Exclusive Q&A with Caroline Moore 5* Event Coach





Accomplished rider and coach, Caroline Moore answers your questions and gives us an insight to her wealth of experience.

Caroline Moore’s equestrian journey is a tale of inspiration, from her remarkable performances in prestigious events to her esteemed role as a coach…


Topics Discussed:

    • Improving balance and vision for horse riders. 6:49

    • Analyzing athletes’ performance and home life for improvement. 13:46

    • Mentoring young riders and improving their performance. 19:07

    • Importance saddle fit. 24:51

    • Horse riding techniques and saddle fit. 30:04

    • Body position and posture. 37:09

    • Improving eventing for the future. 41:00

    • Horse breeding for eventing 47:25

    • Living with cancer, maintaining energy and positivity. 52:26

    • Carolines Equine training and legacy. 59:31

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