Being Kind – Kelly’s Letter published in Horse and Hound

#Blow For Bradley

Kelly Marks jumping at Hickstead

“Following the death of 14 year old Bradley John who had been bullied at school, I’d urge anyone witnessing bullying behaviour to not simply stand by but report it to the appropriate authority as well as giving support to the ‘target’.  Anxiety is a huge problem nowadays and let’s work together to protect the vulnerable and make the horse world a supportive place worthy of respect.

If older competitors particularly, could look out for the younger members it will ensure a better culture for the future.  As an Old Timer myself I will never forget winning a Foxhunter at Hickstead with Caroline Bradley in second and how utterly gracious she was.  I was once in a line up with David Broome – and he spoke to me!  It’s a wonder I didn’t faint!  There was a time in my early twenties I lost a lot of confidence in myself, and then I took a summer job with Henrietta Knight and what a complete joy that was.  I still remember things Henrietta said to me, even though I can’t remember where I’ve left my car keys half the time.

Ribbons fall apart within a few years, but how you make another person feel can stay with them a lifetime.”

Girl with shetland pony and two Recommended Trainers smiling
Have fun together, be kind
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