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Melanie Nagele

Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire

Covering 20 mile radius of HP22 4NF but possibility of further by arrangement and happy to help using videos remotely
07810 865413 or

About Melanie…

Melanie Nagele based in Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire. As a talented horse woman and rider, Mel embarked on her IH journey to supplement these skills.

She tells us all about her background, experiences riding, IH training and key interests on our success stories page.

We hope to see more media from Mel soon, but for now she can be contacted via her email.

IH members be sure to check-out Mel’s Research Project.

🏆 Melanie participates in the ‘IH Awards’.

Q&A with IH Trainer Melanie Nagele

Why did you decide to qualify as a Recommended Trainer? 

In 2012 I purchased a 2-year-old chestnut mare to produce myself.  Everything was going ok until we decided to try loading!! I ended up researching the ‘dually halter’ and watched the enclosed DVD.  This led me to contact my local IHRT Sandra Williams for help.  Sandra is and was amazing and helped me, not only with loading, but with all groundwork and long-lining. I learnt a huge amount but most importantly LOVED all the guidance and sessions she gave.  This led me to purchase 3 more foals to start with Sandra’s help, one of which I still own and ride today.  Due to purchasing the 3 foals, I asked Sandra if I could attend the ‘untouched horse’ course which was the most amazing experience and therefore the weekend I decided that I really wanted to continue the journey to learn to be an RT.

What are the common challenges you face in your work as an RT?  

I think there is often a belief you have ‘naughty horses or ponies’ that are just naughty but often what seems to be overlooked is what behaviour or handling from “us humans” or other external stimuli has led to this point. 

What three things should everyone practice with their horses? 

Horse Agility – I love this for general spook busting and safe ‘rideability’ and also general trust for spooky or scary things – this can lead into areas such as loading.

Groundwork – the basic movements of the ‘dually’ groundwork (as shown on the 5-day course) are the basis of everything from loading to mounting.

Bodywork – to get to know your horse’s body by feel and sight to be able to notice anything different or sore that could be a pre-cursor to a behavioural issue due to pain or discomfort.

What are your plans for the future?

I would like to continue to learn and to help people with their horses as an IH RT. Having attended my first Ride With Your Mind 4 day riding course and Training Course which I loved and would like to continue this journey to be able to help people when ridden as well as on the ground. I am particularly interested in starting horses so would like to offer this to people but would also like to start more of my own in future also.

IH Trainer Melanie Nagele is based in Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire.

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