Julia Fisher

Intelligent Horsemanship Recommend Trainer Julia Fisher based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, standing with her horse.

Julia Fisher aka Perfect Confidence

Hitchin, Hertfordshire Julia is a Recommended Trainer & member of our Teaching Team
01438 871156 or 07950 965099

About Julia…

IH Trainer Julia Fisher, based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, has expertise working with a range of different horses over the years. Utilising Intelligent Horsemanship techniques to help with behavioural issues and improve owner confidence. She is a valuable member of the teaching and training team on some of our IH courses, such as the 5-day foundation. Julia has even worked with a stunt horse used in in the Game of Thrones trailers.

A Q&A with IH Trainer Julia Fisher

(The Intelligent Horsemanship Magazine – 2021)

Why did you decide to qualify as a Recommended Trainer?  

I decided to qualify as an RT because it was absolutely the way forward, there was nothing else like it at the time. Being able to become part of an organisation with some of the most knowledgeable supportive and wonderful people I had ever met was a no brainer. In the showing world at that time poor treatment off horses was widespread and common place; the way people treated animals they supposedly loved was appalling.  IH supported the horses and humans in a way that got results by working with the horse. This also meant that I got to work alongside some of the best horse women and horsemen in the world, quite an opportunity!!

How you came to be involved with Monty and Kelly?

I saw Monty on News at 10 in 1995!! Like many horsey people I was transfixed. I then bought his book which had Kelly’s number in the back; who in turn gave me Nicole Goldings number and it all began from there!

If you could change one thing in the world of horses what would it be, and why?  

If I could change something, I would like to give them more choice. As a rule, they have very little choice in their lives. I think this would improve horsemanship as a whole and get us considering the impact our choices have on them more fully; at the same time as improving quality of life.

What is the most common issue you have to deal with when working with horses? 

Confidence is the most common issue I have to deal with in both horses and owners.

What three things should everyone practice with their horses?

The three things I think would be useful for everyone to practice with their horses are: stopping (including queuing the stop), backing up and just hanging out with their horse even if it’s only for five minutes.

IH Trainer Julia Fisher is based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

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