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Up to fairly recently the main focus of IH has been the amazing IH Magazine. However, the addition of our monthly IH Professional Equine Webinars have been a knock out success!

We invite a wide range of equine professionals from farriers, to bitting experts, to Grand Prix dressage riders. In addition to some less horsey guests, whose expertise are intended to support the wonderful members of the IH community; such as Angela Hobbs’ eye-opening menopause webinar.

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January 2024 – Red Worm: The Silent Killer with Intelligent Worming

January 2024 at 8:00pm

Are you keeping up with your horse’s worming regimen? Are you confident about when and how to address specific parasites, especially the notorious red worm? Are you aware of the actual risks associated with improper worming practices?

Join us for an enlightening session as Intelligent Worming unravels the complexities of equine worming. Learn about the precise timing for effective worming, the right products to utilize, paddock management strategies, and more.

Non-members book your place for just £10 or become a member from just £44.50/year.


Join as a Member to listen to Master Saddler, TV Personality and Author, Suzie Fletcher, share her best tips on leather care and saddle advice gleaned from a lifetime’s experience. From Oxfordshire to Colorado.

Here’s a Taster of our Fantastic IH Webinar Series…

Previous Speakers in the IH Professional Equine Webinars Series

Kelly Marks talks to Monty Roberts to raise money for the charity Shy Lowen.  This evening webinar managed to raise nearly £2000 for this small Liverpool based charity which helps the local kids and horses in a deprived area.  You can still donate: HERE

Dr Jessica Kidd BA, DVM, Certes(Orth), Diplomate ECVS, MRCVS and RCVS and is a European recognised specialist in equine surgery.

Clare Macleod MSc RNutr Independent Equine Nutritionist.  

Sue Palmer aka. The Horse Physio, is an Award winning Chartered Physiotherapist promoting kind and fair treatment of horses through education with empathy.  Registered with the ACPAT, the RAMP, the IHA, the BHS, the CSP and the HCPC; and the author of ‘Understanding Horse Performance’ and ‘Horse Massage for Horse Owners’.

Professor Emeritus Derek C Knottenbelt OBE, BVM&S, DVM&S, DipECEIM, DACVIM,  MRCVS is a legend in the veterinary profession, especially in the realm of sarcoids, headshaking and so much more!

Equine Anatomist – ‘Horses Inside Out

Anthropologist Dr Rosie Jones McVey is a course tutor and recommended trainer for Intelligent Horsemanship. Her academic research focuses on her key interests: human-animal relationships, ethics and morality, and mental health. Her most recent research project has been investigating equine assisted therapies for young people in the UK, which she has completed during a Junior Research Fellowship at Christ’s College, Cambridge University.

European Veterinary Equine Dental Specialist

Menopause Expert and Business Start Up Coach

Gary Pickford is a world renown remedial farrier and founder of Chapel Forge Farriery.

James Cooling is a Bit and Bridle fitting expert and founding member of the Association of Professional Bit and Bridle Fitters (APBBF)

Kelly Marks, Daisy Smith from How Very Horsey and IH Trainer Sandra Williams host a confidence master class. 

an Vandenberghe is an IH Trainer and Breeding and Foaling expert. Ian has a lifetime of experience in the equestrian world, from Dressage to Stud Management and Foal Handling via Farrier. Developed by Ian Hartsop Farm is a fabulous training centre for horses and people and is used by IH for courses.

Charlie Unwin leading performance psychologist and mental coach has trained elite performers from a range of difference industries; Olympic champions, special forces soldiers, surgeons, musicians, fighter pilots and business executives.

Julie has been teaching Pilates for over 18 years and believes Pilates is the perfect way for riders to improve their technique and create a stronger relationship with their horse.

Debbie graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1996 and worked as a veterinary surgeon in mixed and equine practice in the UK for 4 years prior to completing an equine surgical residency at the University of Liverpool in 2003. Debbie gained the RCVS Certificate in Equine Surgery (soft tissue) in 2003 and the ECVS Diploma in Equine Surgery in 2004. She then completed a PhD between 2003-2006 investigating the Epidemiology of Colic at the University of Liverpool. Debbie was appointed as Senior Lecturer in Equine Soft Tissue Surgery at the University of Liverpool in 2006 and was subsequently was appointed as Professor of Equine Surgery and Head of Equine Surgery at Liverpool in 2013. She divides her time between equine clinical work and teaching at the University’s Equine Hospital and research within the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, Institute of Infection and Global Heath.

Kelly and Sandra, two of our loading experts here at IH share their extensive knowledge with us in one of the first IH webinars talking specifically about IH techniques. Across this three part series Kelly and Sandra will cover a range of loading issues as well as a range techniques for avoiding them depending on the specific horse and scenario.

Kelly and Sandra, two of our loading experts here at IH share their extensive knowledge with us in one of the first IH webinars talking specifically about IH techniques. Across this three part series Kelly and Sandra will cover a range of loading issues as well as a range techniques for avoiding them depending on the specific horse and scenario.

IH Trainer, Julia Fisher, lectures on Saddle Assessment on the Five Day Foundation course and has a wealth of knowledge in this subject having studied extensively with Master Saddler, Kay Humphries as well as consistently increasing her personal knowledge while advising the humans with horses that come to her for help.  

Julia doesn’t affiliate with any particular saddler or company but can answer in an unbiased fashion any of the questions asked or at least point you in the right direction. 

Donna Blinman BVSc MRCVS BSc EDO Cert. SCVA Cert. LMI is a qualified veterinary surgeon and equine osteopath and she runs her own practice treating horses holistically for injury, illness and behavioural problems. The cornerstone of her work is to identify and work with the underlying cause of symptoms.

Working with the horses stress levels and emotional health is a hugely important part of doing this . Donna works with horses owners through her life coaching practice to help them become more aware of what they are energetically and emotionally bringing to the dynamic with their horses.

Donna and Bridget Colston run an online membership group Joy of Connection, learn more here

IH Trainer, Bridget Colston has been a Trainer for IH since 2010, and is also an Enlightened Equitation coach. She aims to guide owners to better relationships with their horses through an understanding of how our horses see and perceive the world. Despite being a behaviour trainer Bridget believes that true ‘behavioural problems’ are pretty rare and that most problems we experience with our horses are a result of physical, mental or emotional discomfort that the horse is communicating through it’s behaviour. At the heart of her training is an awareness of ‘self’ and how deeply, how we show up can impact our horses.

Bridget and Donna Blinman run an online membership group Joy of Connection, learn more here

Matthew Jackson qualified as a farrier originally but became more impressed by barefoot trimming as his experience grew.  He studied the subject extensively and has so much to offer including ideas for those-who-aren’t-convinced-yet.  

Anna Welch BVSc BSc MRCVS, TopSpec’s Veterinary Nutrition Director who graduated from the School of Veterinary Science – University of Liverpool, in 2008, having also completed a BSc in Veterinary Anatomy / Equine Science at the University of Bristol in a one-year intercalated degree. She spent the following five years in a busy mixed, and ultimately equine, practice.

Anna’s interest in equine nutrition began before her university studies however, when competing internationally on the British U21 Endurance Team.

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