IH Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Jen, Peii & Mower on joining the IH Hall of Fame”

IH Welcomes Jen and her fantastic ponies Peii and Mower, as the newest
additions to the IH Hall of Fame!

For the Shetland Mower the award came naturally; after almost 20 years together and many hours spent doing ground work and horse agility, Jen new Mower would be the perfect contender for an IH Award. Despite some recent health issues and heartbreak following the loss of his companion of 17 years, this opportunity gave the wonderful, much-loved Mower his chance to shine.

At first, the IH Awards was perhaps not natural for Peii (or Pompeii as he’s officially called). Jen came to own Peii in September 2021 as a rising 6 year old after coming across him at the World Horse Welfare rescue centre, where he was known as their longer resident. There he had received 3 years of rehabilitation following a traumatic start to life. Despite this, he still had his issues, particularly bolting, which understandably re-surfaced following by the initial stress of rehoming. So Jen knew it as essential to get on top of these issues right away. Following the guidance of IH Trainer Gillian Bradley, Jen has done a fantastic job at continuing Peii’s rehabilitation process and has seen huge improvements. Although they may have some work left to do, achieving this IH Award shows the trust the Peii has placed in Jen and the strength of their new bond.

Well-done Jen, Mower and Peii!

Welcoming Megan and Darcy to the Team!

We are delighted to announce the winner of the IH Standard Award – Megan Laughlin and her pony ‘Darcy’. Awarded by IH Trainer Charlie Carr.

Darcy was born from an RSPCA rescue and Megan got her when she was around 2yrs. She was rather feral as had had minimal handling. This was when Charlie became involved with Megan and Darcy. Megan has been a member of IH for several years and has completed the 5 Day Foundation Course.

Darcy hasn’t always been the easiest, as Megan often says “Darcy makes me a better horse person”, if you don’t get the asks quite right or miss a try Darcy lets you know about it.

In 2021 Darcy had an injury which resulted in surgery and box rest. The IH Awards came along at the right time as these have given Megan and Darcy a focus during the rehabilitation phase.

Having successfully completed the standard award, they are well on their way to completing the advanced award.

The Youngest IH Award Winners Chole & Perry

Chloe, who is just 7 years old and her fantastic pony Perry have already achieved their standard award after just few months working together! Chloe and Perry work with IH Trainer Sandra Williams.

Chloe sadly lost the use of her long term loan pony due to injury and so the hunt began for her first own pony. Chole and family found Perry and the bond was instant – arriving ta his new home on 14th November 2021. The very first thing Chloe did with Perry was to work on the Intelligent Horsemanship basic exercises to start their relationship off on the right foot and help settle him into his new home. When he came he was a bit anxious and wanted to do everything at 100 miles an hour. Every week they have worked hard on the IH exercises and trying to progress to the standard rosette. Perry is now far more settled and will walk in step with Chloe rather than rushing ahead. In their short time together they have achieved a lot and all thanks to the IH exercises, he is now happily doing all the exercises required for the standard rosette. Their partnership is growing and they are now working towards the advanced rosette.

Well Done Team!

Susan and Barra Second Winners of the IH Award Standard Rosette

Welcoming Susan and Barra to the Team!

We are delighted announce our second winners of the IH Standard Award – Susan Menear and her pony ‘Barra of Torlundy’. Awarded by IH Trainer Leanne Rodger.

Sue has been working hard since attending the Five Day Foundation Course last year! Creating the perfect partnership with Barra who has had to adjust from life out on the Highlands of Scotland – where it was very different for him!

Since moving him to Cornwall, Sue and Leanne have exposed Barra to a variety of new things that he had never previously encountered. Sue has done a fabulous job with him and, as an IH Award holder, can now officially say she has one of the best mannered ponies out there…

Well done Sue and Bara!

The Very First IH Award Winners Ruth & Bertie

‘Bert was abandoned as a foal and left in an unfenced field to fend for himself. Chancing upon him while walking, I couldn’t just forget him, so after some legal hurdles and a somewhat rodeo-style catching episode with some local horse-lovers, I took him home.’

Ruth, who found IH shortly after rescuing Bertie, has been on an incredible journey! As a beginner herself she has developed both her own and Bertie’s skills alongside IH Trainer Sandra Williams. Achieving their standard award is just a tiny reflection of what they have achieved and they both seem to have really enjoyed it.

Ruth has said: ‘The skills are well chosen to represent the essentials of a well-behaved equine and are definitely testing enough for this to feel like a massive achievement. Ticking them off is a really good reminder of how far he has come, and I am in no doubt at all that I would have got absolutely nowhere without Sandra’s extraordinary help and the inspiration of Monty and Kelly’s IH organisation.’

Read Ruth and Bertie’s amazing story in the Winter 2021 Magazine pages 19-21.

Ruth and Bert First IH Award Winners Standards Rosette
kelly and jenga advanced award winner

The First Advanced Award Winners Kelly & Jenga

IH is proud to welcome our First Advanced Award Winners Kelly & Jenga! Having already completed the standard award, Kelly and Jenga have sored to success – achieving their Advanced Award shortly after by IH Trainer Sandra William.

Read Kelly & Jenga’s Story:

‘I rehomed Jenga from the Horse Tust in May 2019. He was dumped as a foal and as a consequence has been left with mobility issues behind as he was so weak and under developed. Although he came across confident and easy going initially it became apparent that he definitely had a lot of anxiety about a lot of things and in particular his legs and would kick out sometimes. This changed for us when we found Sandra Williams and intelligent horsemanship. We attended horse agility which was amazing physiotherapy for Jenga as well as dealing with some of his anxieties over new things and moving scary objects. He can be very spooky when ridden and horse agility has helped so much in improving his confidence in this area.’

By practising regularly our seven basic IH exercises our relationship together has grown and he now fully trusts me in any situation and he no longer requires sedation for the farrier or for clipping his legs and all this was achieved by using IH techniques. We have worked closely with Sandra and improved our skills continually to now amazingly achieve the advanced standard award.’

When I first had Jenga he could barely back up even 1 step in a straight line and so now to achieve the backing up through an L shape and 20 steps backwards is something of a miracle and was something I never thought would happen but just goes to show what hard work and dedication can produce. I am so proud of my boy and I love the relationship we have together now all thanks to IH. I always look forward to our next session.’

Standard Rosette

  • Chole & Perry

Chole and Perry are our youngest award winners yet! What a way to show the excellent bond and team work skill they have developed in their first few months together. Well done both of you.

  • Ruth Marshall & Bertie

Ruth and her amazing pony Bertie are the much deserving and First ever IH award winners! Ruth has been working with Trainer Sandra Williams and has come on leaps and bounds with the barely catchable foal she rescued.

  • Susan Menear & Barra

We are delighted announce our second winners of the IH Standard Award – Susan Menear and her pony ‘Barra of Torlundy’.  From the Highlands of Scotland to a cosy life in Cornwall.

  • Megan Laughlin & Darcy

Megan and her once feral 2yrs old Darcy are now IH award winners and thriving after using these techniques as part of Darcy’s post-injury rehabilitation groundwork.

Advanced Rosette

  • Kelly & Jenga

IH is proud to welcome our First Advanced Award Winners Kelly & Jenga! Having already completed the Standard Award; Kelly and Jenga have sored to success – achieving their Advanced Award shortly after. This is a fantastic achievement for Kelly, after having rehomed an anxious Jenga from the Horse Trust in May 2019.

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