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Backing Up: The Most Useful Exercise of All?IH TrainingEmma SharmanSummer 202229
From the Ground to the Saddle: Transition of IH Ground Exercises to Ridden OnesIH TrainingJim GoddardWinter 202230
Improving Performance With Pole WorkIH TrainingGillian HigginsSummer 202218
Loading the Less Easy HorseIH Training & Book ExtractSandraw WilliamsWinter 202228
To Lunge or Not to Lunge, That is the QuestionIH TrainingAbi PassWinter 202223
Don’t Push Your Horse Where He Can’t GoIH TrainingBridget ColstonSpring 202120
How to Manouver Your Horse Through an ‘L’ ShapeIH TrainingSandra WilliamsSummer 202134
Step-by-Step ‘How’s Your Timing’? One Food Over a Pole ExerciseIH  TrainingSandra WilliamsSpring 202132
Step-by-Step ‘Let’s Ask Our Horse to Flex & Step Their Quarters Over’Recipies for Succesful HorsemanShipSandra WilliamsWinter 202132
Step-by-Step Unwiding Exercise No.2Recipies for Succesful HorsemanShipSandra WilliamsWinter 202032
Training a Horse to Stand (Perfectly) Still to be Mounted: The Ultimate GuideIH TrainingKelly MarksWinter 202028
Trick Training: A Bit of Fun or an Accident Waiting to Happen?IH DebatesSpring 202028
Ben Atkinson – Liberty Horse TrainerBig InterviewZoë SmithSummer 201914
How IH Can Help You Win in the ShowringIH TrainingDaisy SmithAutumn 201920
How to Make an Arch for Walking UnderKelly Marks – My WorldSandra WilliamsSummer 20196
Ian Vandenberghe’s Tips for Loose JumpingKelly Marks – My WorldKelly MarksSummer 20195
Long Reining – Beyond BasicsIH TrainingKay BrownSummer 201922
Needle Shy? Tips for Teaching Your Horse to Accept NeedlesIH TrainingBridget ColstonAutumn 201929
Strong, Supple & Balanced Polework Exercises For Every Horse (Part 1)IH TrainingHeidi MaxwelAutumn 201926
Equiband: A Short Cut to a Strong Back?IH TrainingSue PalmerSpring 201832
Pilates for PoniesIH TrainingSue Palmer & Lizzie HopkinsonSpring 201820
The Angel is in the DetailIH TrainingJoanna O’NeillSummer 201824
Training With The Dually: Thinking Outside the BoxIH TrainingKelly MarksSpring 201826
6 Creative Groundwork ExcercisesIH TrainingSuzanne HalseyAutumn 201720
Are IH Methods and Clicker Training Compatible?IH ArticleSarah WestonWinter 201730
Creative Problem Solving: Thinking Outside the Box – A Problem With PolesIH TrainingJoanna O’NeillAutumn 201723
Creative Problem Solving: Thinking Outside the Box – Teaching a Horse to Load Without a TrailierIH TrainingSue PalmerAutumn 201723
Elsa in Action: Freedom Based Training With Elsa SinclairClinic ReviewAlison BallAutumn 201716
Elsa Sinclair – The Trainer Behind Taming Wild & Freedom Based TrainingBig InterviewZoë SmithAutumn 201714
Marmite… Probably My Toughest Loading Challenge to DateCase FilesSuzanne HalseySummer 201739
Monty Roberts Special TrainingIH ArticleEle MilwrightWinter 201712
Out and About on Long LinesIH TrainingLeanne RogerAutumn 201724
Prepartion for Your Horse’s First CompetitionIH TrainingKelly MarksSpring 201721
The Pferdelfluistererder (Horse Whisperer) of ViennaIH ArticleEle MilwrightWinter 201710
Working With Resuce Horses the IH WayIH TrainingGarry Bosworth & Jade TreleaseSpring 201719
A Guide to Fear Free ClippingIH TrainingSarah Weston & Kelly MarksWinter 201621
Going Sideways to go ForwardKelly Marks – My WorldKelly MarksAutumn 20164
Long Linging: Black Art or Something Anyone Can Learn?IH  TrainingSandra WiliamsSpring 201617
Long Lining: Negotiating ObstaclesIH TrainingSandra WilliamsSummer 201621
Posture and Performance: Principals of Training Horses from an Anatomical PerspectiveIH ArticleGillian HigginsSpring 201626
Scientific Endorsement of Join-UpIH ScienceLiz FalkinghamWinter 201610
The Benefits of Straightness TrainingIH TrainingSandra WilliamsSpring 201615
Starting Out: Choosing the Right Person to Back Your HorseIH TrainingDr. Rose Jones-McVeyAutumn 201524
Starting Right: The Physical SideIH TrainingSue PalmerAutumn 201527
Taking the Lead  – Teaching Your Horse to be Led CorrectlyIH TrainingJenny MajorWinter 201525
Teaching Your Horse to be Tied UpIH TrainingSarah Weston & Sue PalmerWinter 201526
Training the Young Horse: What You Should Be Teaching Your Horse  – First OutingIH TrainingDr. Rose Jones-McVeyAutumn 201524
Training the Young Horse: What You Should Be Teaching Your Horse  – Foundations for LoadingIH TrainingJoanna O’NeillAutumn 201523
Training the Young Horse: What You Should Be Teaching Your Horse on the GroundIH TrainingSandra WiliamsAutumn 201518
The Tinsel on Your IH Tree – Enhancing Your IH SkillsIH TrainingSandra WilliamsWinter 201419
Groundwork Fun with Horse AgilityIH TrainingSheila ReedWinter 201421
To Lunge or Long Line an Ex-RacehorseLetters and FeedbackAngela Bishop and Tony BellAutumn 20146
Trailer Loading AloneIH TrainingAutumn 201421
Training for Life – Clicker Training with Philippa WilliamsIH TrainingLiz FalkinghamAutumn 201428
One Line or Two? Long Lining Vs. LungeingIH TrainingDr. Rose Jones-McVeySummer 201419
Knowing When Not to RideIH TrainingJulia SmithSpring 201419
Understanding Personal SpaceIH TrainingLiz PitmanSpring 201421
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Sport Horse Soudness & Performance: Training Advice for Dressage Showjumping & Event HorsesBook ExtractDr. Cecilia LonnellAutumn 202238
The Biomechanics of Gallop & Why Horses Benefit From Fast Work IH TrainingGillian HigginsWinter 202217
Are We Driving Our Horses Round the Bend? IH DebatesAutumn 202012
Know Better to Do Better: Mistakes I Made with Horses (So You Don’t Have To) by Denny EmersonBook ReviewKelly MarksAutumn 201933
Strong, Supple & Balanced Polework Exercises For Every Horse (Part 2)IH TrainingHeidi Maxwell & Megan ReesWinter 201926
TREC Exercises to Try at Home IH TrainingZoë SmithSummer 201927
Tips to Get Your Horse Fit & Avoid LamenessIH TrainingDr. David MarlinSummer 201828
Care Free Hacking IH TrainingSue PalmerSummer 201721
How to Ride & Improve Horses Who Spook and ShyIH TrainingDr. Rose Jones-McVeySummer 201631
Stress-Free & Safe MountingIH TrainingKelly MarksWinter 201619
Teaching the Young Horse Leg AidsIH TrainingDr. Rose Jones-McVeyAutumn 201621
Teaching the Young Horse Leg Aids: The Next StepsIH TrainingDr. Rose Jones-McVeyWinter 201626
Understanding Horse Performance: Brain, Pain or TrainingBookSue PalmerAutumn 201638
Moving Off The LegIH TrainingDr. Rose Jones-McVeyWinter 201521
Training the Young Horse: What You Should Be Teaching Your Horse Hacking OutIH TrainingLynn ChapmanAutumn 201522
Introducing Young Horses to Cross CountryIH TrainingAmber WoodhouseWinter 201425
A Helping Hand Out Hacking: Teaching A Horse Confidence IH TrainingDr. Rose Jones-McVeySummer 201421
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Is ‘Dominance’ a Useful Term for Horse Training?IH ArticleDr. Rosie Jones McVeyWinter 202234
Is Herd Hierarchy Helping Our Training?IH TrainingDr. Rosie Jones McVeyWinter 201933
Is Your Horse Fit Enough?IH TrainingZoë Smith & Dr. David MarlinSpring 201920
Working With Minature Ponies: HoneyCase StudyHannah Moffat & Sandra Williams Spring 201934
Working With Minature Ponies: PedroCase StudySandra WilliamsSpring 201935
Bonding With Your New Horse Part 3: Is It a Training Problem?IH TrainingLizzie HopkinsonWinter 201822
Is There Ever A Short Cut to Good Training?IH TrainingZoë SmithSpring 201828
Dealing With Problems: Home or Away?IH TrainingSarah Weston Summer 201728
Working with Young Horses: Jo’s Motto for IH SuccessIH TrainingJoanna LowesWinter 201628
Emma Massingale – Equine Trainer & BehaviouristBig InterviewLiz FaulkinghamWinter 201412
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