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Gillian Bradley aka. ‘Your Horse and Pony Matters’

Covering Monmouth, South Wales and surrounding areas
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About Gillian…

IH Trainer Gillian Bradley, based in Monmouth, specialises in calm, force free training for horses & ponies. Preventing & solving behavioural problems. Gillian works calmly with the psychology of the horse; utilising body language and gestures, for a safe, effective and rewarding training session. During the process of solving the problem, trust and understanding is developed, deepening horse-owner relationship.   

Some common concerns that Gillian addresses include: General ground manners, leading, loading, catching, foot handling problems, head shyness, spookiness, clipping and starting young horses.

🏆 Gillian participates in the ‘IH Awards’.

Find out more about Gillian’s work on her Website, Facebook or YouTube channel or why not check out Gillians online video course ‘Total Connection’ 

Testimonials For Intelligent Horsemanship Trainer Gillian Bradley

“My horse had clipping issues”

“After one session our pony was much calmer around clippers and after two sessions we were able to clip without any sedation! Unthinkable before Gill saw him. Gill was recommended by a friend and I have since recommended Gill to lots of people who need help with behavioural issues”. An excellent service that couldn’t be improved!”
B. Griffiths, St. Briavels

“I needed help with my young horse”

“I am really happy with everything that Gill has been doing with my young horse and her mother too. I feel she has given me tools to work with and I now find myself much more able to handle them both with understanding. Gill is so good at what she does that I would highly recommend her to anybody that needed help, she puts things across so well. I just want to say that I have owned horse for many years, have tried many different ways but I feel this is by far the best, and I can not thank Gill enough for what she is doing. She is kind, understanding and the best teacher I have had.”
J. Laxton, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire

“I needed general help with leadership and partnership”

“Gill was great at explaining what behaviours from me would be helpful and what to look for in the horse. Everything was given step by step and at a pace I could keep up with. Spending time with Gill has helped me no end in understanding how to be an effective leader for my horse Callie. I have a clearer understanding of how she thinks and what I can do to make our partnership more effective. Gill was extremely supportive and encouraging throughout the session and took time to make sure I understood the concepts we were working with before moving on. I really feel better informed as a result of our session and on the road to being a better owner for my horse. I would not hesitate to recommend Gill to others.”
C. Masters, Cardiff.

“I needed help loading my horse”

“Thanks so much! You’ve transformed my summer! I now have a lesson booked and a clinic too. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and felt quite emotional when my horse loaded back onto the trailer straight away after a trip out last night. You are a genius indeed!”
R. Abercrombie, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK.

IH Trainer Gillian Bradley is based in Monmouth.

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