Gillian Bradley

Profile image of Intelligent Horsemanship Recommend Horse Trainer Gillian Bradley, based in Monmouth.

Gillian Bradley aka. ‘Your Horse Matters’

Covering Monmouth, South Wales and surrounding areas
07904 186292 or

About Gillian…

IH Trainer Gillian Bradley, based in Monmouth, specialises in calm, force free training for horses & ponies. Preventing & solving behavioural problems. Gillian works calmly with the psychology of the horse; utilising body language and gestures, for a safe, effective and rewarding training session. During the process of solving the problem, trust and understanding is developed, deepening horse-owner relationship.   

Some common concerns that Gillian addresses include: General ground manners, leading, loading, catching, foot handling problems, head shyness, spookiness, clipping and starting young horses.

🏆 Gillian participates in the ‘IH Awards’.

Find out more about Gillian’s work on her Website, Facebook or YouTube channel.

IH Trainer Gillian Bradley is based in Monmouth.

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