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Garry Bosworth

Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire
Covering Lincolnshire, will travel to surrounding counties
07954 604171 or

About Garry…

Garry Bosworth, based in Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire, qualified as an IH trainer over 20 years ago. He therefore has a wealth of skill and experience in training and addressing all sorts of equine behavioural problems. As one of Intelligent Horsemanship’s top trainers Garry has worked with both Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks at several demonstrations in the UK, including at Your Horse Live. He also often teaches as part of the IH 5-Day Foundation Course, sharing his knowledge. Garry has spent time working with several horses at Bransby Horses Rescue & Welfare centre Lincoln where his work was later filmed for the channel 4 series ‘Pet Rescue’.

🏆 Garry participates in the ‘IH Awards’.

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Q&A with IH Trainer Garry Bosworth

(The Intelligent Horsemanship Magazine – Summer 2020)

How long have you been involved with horses? And how did you get involved with them?

I first became involved with horses aged about 12 or 13, about 50 years ago! As a family we went along to a riding school and pretty soon we were the owners of a shire cross. The rest is history, so they say

Why did you decide to qualify as a Recommended Trainer?

After doing the 5 Day Foundation Course I felt that if I could make people aware of the IH principles and way of working, they would make far fewer mistakes than I did with the horses we had as a family.

If you could change one thing in the world of horses what would it be, and why?

Try to clamp down on indiscriminate breeding. There are too many horses which keeps prices low. This leads to them getting into the hands of people who then cannot afford to look after them properly.

What has been the proudest moment/biggest achievement in your career?

Being part of the IH demonstrations at Your Horse Live. To be part of the team was an honour.

How you came to be involved with Monty and Kelly?

I saw Monty in a BBC TV programme called ‘The Man Who Listens to Horses’, the title intrigued me. Admittedly I was a little sceptical, however after seeing him in a demo after this programme I was hooked and wanted to know more. My wife, Sue, kindly bought me a 5 Day IH course as a Christmas present in 1998 and I attended it in the summer of 1999. I very much wanted to stay part of IH, due to the way it was taught and the ethos of IH.

IH Trainer Garry Bosworth is based in Bracebridge Heath, Lincolnshire.

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