Carrie Ferrier (nee Davis)

Carrie Ferrier (nee Davis)

Covering Cheshire and North Wales
07835 690139 or

About Carrie…

Carrie is based in North Wales and covers this area and Cheshire. She can visit you to support with any equine issues such as loading, catching , spooking, picking up feet etc. She also starts young horses or can help you develop groundwork exercises to develop your relationship with your horse. 

Carrie has been around horses all her life, competing in dressage and showjumping when younger. She spent a year in Australia starting Quarter horses and working on cattle stations. Following this experience she was determined to become a Recommended Trainer for Intelligent Horsemanship to continue to improve the lives of horses and help owners get the best relationship with their horses. 

🏆 Carrie participates in the ‘IH Awards’.

IH Trainer Carrie Ferrier (nee Davis) is based in Flintshire.

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